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Domain names are in high demand and aren’t always available to those who want them. Check the availability of the web address you prefer here and, if the domain is already registered, use our WHOIS lookup service to see who it belongs to.

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Start .consulting


A popular extension for credible informational websites


A highly available choice of extension for small business websites


For mobile-friendly or responsive websites


What's on .tv?


Perfect for businesses located in or marketing to New Zealand

The commercial country code extension for New Zealand

Generally used for NZ Internet infrastructure providers

For organisations based locally in New Zealand

A 'general' domain is for NZ websites dealing with general information


Nothing says you're a local New Zealand business more than a .kiwi address

A fun alternative to a .nz or domain name

Express your inner geek with a domain name

The primary company name extension for local UK businesses

The country code extension for organisations in the United Kingdom


The country code for the European Union, conditions apply


Enhance your Asian presence with a catchy .asia domain name


Get straight to the point with a .direct domain


The best things in life are .gratis


For developers, real estate, landlords and investors


Pick the best of the bunch for your business


More than just a girl's best friend


Hot off the .press


A domain for anyone in any industry, no matter what .services you offer


Secure an .insure domain for your insurance business


For limited liability companies in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Light the way with .lighting


Get in the .zone


For businesses representing a city or defined by the hustle and bustle of city life


Fit for business with .fitness


Don't be a carbon copy of your competitors. Stand out with .technology


German for "travel", a .reisen domain is for anyone with an interest in German tourism


A .recipes domain - a recipe for success


Pick up a .taxi


Too cool for .school


Horses for .courses


Clean up the competition with a .cleaning domain


For occasions or trips, choose .holiday


For anyone who loves jewelry


A domain that caters to your business the way you cater for others


The best domain if you've got the best prices


Wake up and smell the .coffee


When fun is more than just a game


The best in .site


Take a step into the unknown with .ventures


Get a new start with .careers


The right .tools for the job include the right domain


Embrace the way of the future with .digital


When you want to become part of the .furniture


Collaborate with .wiki


Work for it with .study


Never go out of .style


Display the best with .gallery


Advertise your bargains with .sale


Generate excitement with an .events domain


Market your business effectively with .marketing


Clearly establish yourself as an industry leader or place of knowledge


If you have a zest for knowledge, display it proudly with .academy


Could you walk a mile in these .shoes?


For anyone with a passion for learning


Great for consultants, service providers or business solutions websites


Build connections with .network


Save it for a rainy day with .fund


Whether you manage time, money, or people




Don't get your wires crossed. Be tech-savvy with .computer


Think big with .enterprises


Take one for the .team


Fix yourself a great domain name with .repair


Find your dream .house


Got a business, product, or service that's too .cool for school?


Advocate for your clients with .agency


Lay a solid .foundation


Plenty of .fish in the sea


Secure an asset for your business with .financial


Encompassing all of the healthcare industry


Have a .beer


Professionals and businesses are in good company with .company


Bring your dreams into focus with .vision


Created for a purpose, just like your business


For online stores proudly connected to Spain


Fuel the success of your business with .energy


The right equipment for the job includes a .equipment domain


For surgeons and related entities


Aim high with .apartments


Seen it all? Try a .tours domain


The perfect place for a website sharing tips and tricks on any topic


Grow your business with .farm


Invest in an .investments domain


For your partners in business and in life


Be the best you can be with a .coach


When .supply and demand works in your favour


A great choice for online businesses


Dress to impress with .clothing


Show your passion for higher learning with .university


As easy as a b c


There's a .place for everything


Sail off into the sunset with .cruises


Time for a .watch domain?


Lay claim to a .claims domain


When looks really are everything


Step up to the .bar


French for "home", .maison is for anyone interested in French real estate


Get a new .lease on life


Present your website with a .report domain


Your business: the sum of all its .parts


A popular alternative to .com


Be the first .cab off the rank


Crack the code with .codes


A unique domain for anyone in finance


For the causes close to your heart, show you .care


Because not ALL the best things in life are free


For fitness enthusiasts and others in the industry


If you've got the best prices, the best domain is .bargains


Your own online piece of .land


Lay down the law with .legal


Generate a high rate of interest in your .creditcard service


The perfect domain extension for health professionals and businesses


Take a gamble on .casino


Not just for vacuum cleaners


.life is too short to miss a domain like this


Get away from it all with .camp

Is your group Australian and incorporated?


For memorial sites


Get a great domain you can sink your teeth into with .dental


Court a .tennis domain


Cultivate strong ties with the people who are important to you with .community


Get hot property with a .villas domain


Success is in the pipeline with .plumbing


For accounting firms and professionals, when credibility counts


For dog trainers, breeders, rescuers… or just fans!


Online success is on the .cards


Out with the old and in with the new


Represent your community with .town


Got it on .video?


Get the right exposure with a .camera domain


Shine a spotlight on your business with .theater


For restaurants worldwide


For the online presence of any business, large or small


For all things borrowed


Is your business high .tech?


A valuable addition to your online marketing strategy


Encompass the excitement of travel with .vacations


Show shoppers you are serious about sales with .deals


It will be love at first sight with a .dating domain


The perfect domain space for real estate business websites


It's all systems go for your business with a .systems address


Make your business the focus by capturing a .photography domain


Not all those who wander are lost. Embrace wanderlust with .voyage


Keep them close to your heart with .memorial


Perfect for websites showcasing commercial or residential buildings or land


Lead the way with .guide


The domain that belongs in the .kitchen


Snap up a deal with .coupons


Build your business with .construction


German for school, .schule is for educational entities connected with Germany


The ideal domain for sports, hobbyist, book or country clubs


When there just aren't words, use .wtf


The sky is the limit with .cloud


Bring your company's efficiency immediately to mind with an .industries address


Get the job done with .contractors


Time for a .chat


Spread the word with .media


When the .show must go on


For anyone and everyone with a love of .pizza




A domain you'll adore


Shine a spotlight on your business with .theatre


Win big with .bingo


For anyone who needs .space


Kick it out of the park with .soccer


Build your business with .builders


A highly recognisable domain space for anyone with a focus on email


For higher education


Get in the game with .io


A luxury domain for your luxury car


Give your business a gift with a .gifts domain


Produce something great with a .productions domain


Make your business the .center of attention


Live in the moment with .today


For travel agencies or other businesses with a focus on Latin American travel


For fans and players


Share a wealth of knowledge with .guru


For tax accountants and professionals


Get .online


For churches, congregations, ministries of religion, and associated entities


Use .boutique for a domain as specialised as your business


An error doesn't become a mistake until you miss out on a .fail domain


Give .credit where it's due


For anyone with a website!


For clubs, players, and fans


For a domain as pretty as a picture


It may not glitter, but it's .gold


Make your domain a buzzword with .buzz


Who are your biggest .fans?


A shorter domain for restaurant owners


Signed, sealed, delivered - get the perfect domain with .delivery


Promote your status as a business or a city with .capital


If your firm runs like a well-oiled machine, show it off with .engineering


All will be revealed with an .exposed domain


Secure an asset for your business with .finance


A domain as well-travelled as your business


For football fans and clubs


For listings and directories, try a .directory domain


Get a domain that's on the money with .cash


Get a radiant domain with .solar


Whether you're a limited company or offer exclusive products, be a .limited edition


Secure prime real estate online with an .estate address


Connect with .singles


Be there when they need you with .support


Give people a voice with .gripe


Roll out the welcome mat with .host


Practice makes perfect with .training

For a domain as individual as you are


Out of this .world


Shoot for the skies with .flights


The best choice is clear with a .glass domain


Get the .works


Meet at the .cafe


For whatever you're renting, from cars to houses


Are you with the .band?


Catch their attention with .discount


Get in quick with .express


For your .partners in business or in life


Raise the bar with .law


Keep it rolling with .tires


Get everything you need with a .supplies domain


Display your interest in the rapidly growing domain space with .domains


On your .bike




A .photos domain captures the essence of your business


To make your mark in .ua


For United States citizens, residents, or organisations


Go .eco friendly

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A domain name is a word or group of words used to uniquely identify your website.

Domain names come with hundreds of different extensions known as top-level domains, such as .com, and In most cases they represent the geographic location or country of the website that the domain name was registered for.

Much like a physical address a domain name serves two main purposes. The first is as the address of your website. By typing your domain name into the address bar, visitors are directed to your website, in the same way they would use your physical address to arrive at your place of business. The second is as a mailing address. People can send emails to an email address that uses your domain name. This email will arrive in your inbox. This mirrors sending a regular letter to your business address where it will arrive in your post box.

When choosing a domain name for your business you need to consider your geographical area of business, your industry, and your company name.

In Australia domain names are the most popular and by default the is targeted to web searches made within Australia, so for an Australian business a domain is the best option. If you are looking at expanding internationally then a more generic domain extension such as a .com could be best.

Webcentral recommends registering several popular domains extensions including,, .com and .net to protect your brand identity online.

According to auDA's regulations, or domains may only be registered to Australian sole traders, businesses or companies.

During the domain name registration process you will be asked to supply an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), State Business Number, Trademark Number or Incorporated Association Number to prove your eligibility.

To register a domain name, the same registration requirements are also in place. However, it is further restricted to only Australian non-profit organisations and registered charities. Australian associations, clubs, sporting groups, political parties and close equivalents may register domain names, although such associations must be not-for-profit.

Generally, there are no restrictions on who can register .com domains and the period of registration can vary from 1 to 10 years. Any person or organisation can own a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and use them for any legal purpose.

You will need an account with an accredited domain name registrar. If you need .au domains (like or you should use an accredited Australian registrar, like Webcentral. For Australian businesses, registering both and versions of your domain is strongly recommended to protect your brand from competitors.

A domain name is a powerful asset. When making your choice there are a number of considerations, like whether there are similar domains that could confuse your customers, whether it is sufficiently descriptive or memorable, and how easy it is for people to share.

Prices shown are for new domain name registrations. For renewal pricing, please log into your account and view your domain name. In the case of a domain redemption, a fee of $220 may be applicable for the following spaces: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .us.

° Price varies depending on period and domain name.

  † Applies to new and 1 - 5 year and .com and .net 1 & 2 year domain registrations only, not renewals, transfers or backorders. Price not applicable to premium domain names. View full terms. Offer based on our RRP, ends 29/08/2021.

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