Managed VPS hosting for growing Australian businesses

Our VPS cloud hosting offers greater freedom and control, allowing independent management of your own virtual server with our secure cloud environment. When we look after your Australian website hosting, you’re in good hands. You’ll get peace of mind with our 99.9% uptime guarantee, daily backups and regular security updates. Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by a team of engineers within range of our data centres here in Australia. We know how important it is to keep your data protected, which is why every managed VPS hosting plan comes with reliable anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection.

Shielded from risk

Shield your online consumers from risk

Reliable anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection, monitored and supported by the Webcentral security team. Secure against viruses. Monitored by our security team and protected against viruses, spyware and malware. Always get a quick response in Australia. Our network and best hardware engineers are stationed close to our data centres and operate 24/7 for prompt action.

Dedicated, managed VPS hosting plans

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VPS add-ons

Webcentral offers a wide range of add-ons for your managed, dedicated VPS. With our cost-effective upgrades, it is fast, easy and affordable to upgrade your server to best suit your needs. View our price comparison now.

All the power of traditional VPS, without the hassle. If you want the security, flexibility and speed of VPS cloud hosting, but don’t have the resources to manage your own servers at a root level, our VPS managed cloud hosting might be for you.

  • 24/7 monitoring of services and response to outage notifications
  • 10-minute response time for monitoring alerts and outages
  • Weekly system updates, bug fixes and security patching as needed
  • Software installation
  • Backup management and configuration
  • Advice and scoping for capacity planning and future-proofing
  • Error response and troubleshooting
  • 4-hour maximum response time for new support requests lodged
Supported software
  • Apache — Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed.
  • Tomcat — Install and configure.
  • Exim — Install, configure and basic diagnostics.
  • FTP — Install, setup and configure.
  • SSH — Install, setup and configure.
  • PHPMyAdmin — Full setup and configure.
  • Java — Environment install only.
  • Cron — Setup and configure jobs.
  • Bind — Install only.
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL — Install and setup (no DBA work).
  • PHP, Perl and Shell — Install and basic support (no code or development).
  • cPanel — Install, configure and diagnostics.
  • CSF — Firewall setup and configure.

Linux server management from $99/month, Windows server management from $199/month.

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If you want an extra IP address, you will need to provide a written explanation of its purpose. This could be for adding another SSL, management portal, or custom name server. There is a maximum of 16 IPs per VPS.

From $10/month.

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Operating system support includes, investigation, troubleshooting and diagnosis of issues directly related to the following operating systems:

  • Debian (latest stable release)
  • CentOS (latest stable release)
  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Cloud Linux with cPanel

Our service desk cannot guarantee support or resolve reported issues for applications not listed, however we are more than happy to take a look for you.

Supported Windows-based applications
  • IIS7 — Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
  • Apache — Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
  • Microsoft Mail — Install, configure and support SMTP connector
  • Mail Enable — Install, configure and diagnose issues
  • Microsoft FTP — Install, set up and configure initial user
  • FileZilla FTP Server — Install, set up and configure initial user
  • MS SQL 2005 (all versions) — Install and setup (no DBA work)
  • MS SQL 2008 (all versions) — Install and setup (no DBA work)
  • MySQL — Install and setup (no DBA work)
  • Microsoft DNS — Install only
  • Anti-virus (only if purchased from Webcentral) — Full application support
  • Microsoft .NET — Install only
  • Sun Java Environment — Install only
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop / Terminal Services — Install and full configure
Supported Linux-based applications
  • Apache — Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
  • Exim — Install, configure and basic diagnostics
  • Postfix — Install, configure and basic diagnostics
  • ProFTP — Install, set up and configure initial user
  • PureFTP — Install, set up and configure initial user
  • vsFTP — Install, set up and configure initial user
  • MySQL — Install and setup (no DBA work)
  • PostgreSQL — Install and setup (no DBA work)
  • PHPMyAdmin — Full setup and configuration
  • PHP — Install and basic support (no coding / development work)
  • Shell — Install and basic support (no coding / development work)
  • Perl — Install and basic support (no coding / development work)
  • cPanel — Install, configure and diagnostics
  • WebMin — Install, configure and diagnostics
  • Bind — Install only
  • SSH — Install and full configure
  • Anti-virus (only if purchased from Webcentral) — Full product support
  • Java environment — Install only
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Our expert security team will optimise your environment, and make modifications to your operating system and control panel installation, to enhance the reliability of your server. We’ll also make security tweaks along the way. All unnecessary services will be disabled, SSH will be hardened and kernel variables will be modified, locking down your server for additional security and making sure you're getting the best performance possible.

Linux server hardening specifications
  • Servers fully patched
  • Software firewall installation/configuration
  • Login failure daemon
  • Linux Socket Monitor
  • Remove unused processes
  • Install Logwatch
  • OpenSSH configuration check
  • Rootkit Hunter
  • Chkrootkit
  • Name server configuration check
  • Apache tune and check
  • MySQL tune and check
  • Secure /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm
  • Delete unnecessary OS users
  • Remove SUID/GUID from binaries
Windows server hardening specification
  • Configure Windows security policy
  • Disable or delete unnecessary users, ports and services
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications
  • Configure basic software firewall rules
  • Configure auditing rules
  • Disable unnecessary shares
  • Configure drive encryption if requested
  • Apply all updates and hot fixes
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Secure your traffic with Load balancing. Load Balancing provides safety for sites at risk of traffic spikes, like large eCommerce websites. We employ F5 Big IP load traffic managers to deliver high availability, improved performance, application security and access control. This technology disperses traffic evenly across your servers to prevent one from being overloaded to the point of failure. If one server fails, traffic is automatically and instantaneously diverted to another.

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SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a standard database management system that enables you to manipulate and query data on your relational database. In addition to providing installation and technical support, we offer discounted rates on Microsoft SQL licensing for use on your VPS.

SQL Web Edition

Only $50/month.

  • Control over applications and SQL Server instances
  • Flexible platform options for developers
  • Policy-based management
  • Efficient management of large server groups
  • Better consolidation management
  • Only for use with web applications
SQL Standard

Only $588/month.

  • Support for maximum OS memory limits
  • Full virtualisation support
  • Central management of database infrastructure
  • No additional cost for multi-core processors
  • High-scale complex event processing
  • Failover clustering
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Database mirroring
  • Full feature set of the MS SQL suite
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Get VPS hosting in Australia

from $149.99 /month

Netregistry is now Webcentral

Even as Netregistry has rebranded, we are still one of the best Australian web hosting services, providing reliable vps hosting packages for small and medium businesses across Australia.

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