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Why new and small businesses need marketing
Written on 18 July, 2016
by Small Business Festival Victoria

Have you’ve started a business recently? Or maybe you’ve been running for years, growing your business from the ground up? Maybe you’ve taken over a family business? Small businesses like yours make up more than 95% of all businesses in Victoria, employing millions of people, in every industry and sector… Read more

Why search marketing is critical to online success
Written on 11 July, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Your search marketing strategy is critical to your online success. The amount of traffic (visitors) you get to your website directly impacts the return on investment it will generate, and one of the primary sources of website traffic is search. Whether the goal of your website is to generate calls,… Read more

Which is the right social media channel for my business?
Written on 1 July, 2016
by Julie Doubinski

Australians love social media and they spend a lot of time browsing various social media apps. Overall Australians spend more than 4 hours a day on the internet and most of this time (about 3 hours!) is spent browsing social media. In comparison, traditional entertainment media like TV gets only… Read more

Written on 27 June, 2016
by Katharine Gray

Are you trying to grow your business? Or maybe you’re thinking of striking out on your own? The Small Business Festival Victoria is back in 2016. From 1 – 31 August, there will be more than 450 events for small businesses to learn, get support and grow their network. Not… Read more

Facebook advertising for businesses
Written on 20 June, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

You can’t debate the value of social media as an advertising tool these days. It has an incredible reach, with a huge pool of users across most demographics, and a wide range of platforms to suit a number of different purposes. More than that, their users not only spend a… Read more

Online Retailer Logo
Written on 17 June, 2016
by WebCentral

Are you a fan of people who inspire? Of people who will listen to your concerns and who will offer solutions? Do you want to make a dent in this industry? Or perhaps you would like to make a bang… At Online Retailer Sydney, you will be given the rare… Read more

5 reasons your business needs social media
Written on 13 June, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

While social media was traditionally viewed as primarily a platform for pleasure, it is increasingly being recognised as a valuable tool for businesses. We look at some of the key benefits social media could offer your business. Keeps you front-of-mind There are so many brands out there these days that… Read more

Why does my offline business need a website?
Written on 6 June, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

If you’re a firm that offers consulting services and only deals with clients face-to-face… or a small local café only interested in advertising to people in your local area… or you have a shopfront but no intention of selling anything online… why would you need a website? Don’t be mislead… Read more

Why you don’t need to spend a fortune on web design
Written on 23 May, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Today you have more options than ever to create your very own website. You can take the D.I.Y approach and build it yourself if you have basic web skills, splash out and appoint an expensive web designer, or you can a hire an agency to create and manage your website… Read more

What results should I expect from an SEO company?
Written on 19 May, 2016
by James Baylis

Businesses today have a misconception of search engine optimisation (SEO) and what an SEO company can actually do for them. Many expect to be ranking on the first page of Google in days and to outrank all their competitors. They think this because: They don’t know how SEO works They… Read more