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Why does my business need social media?
Written on 26 April, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Not all that long ago, social media was basically just a timewaster. While for some consumers it still is, it has become something much more lucrative for businesses. Precisely because of the sheer amount of time people spend on social media every day, it has become a highly valuable tool… Read more

How PPC can help small businesses grow
Written on 18 April, 2016
by James Baylis

As a small business in a big online world, it can be very frustrating to generate leads and customers online without spending a lot of time and money (with no guarantee of results). With more inbound marketing strategies to choose than you can shake a stick at, it doesn’t take… Read more

Target your ideal customer with Facebook marketing
Written on 11 April, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

As of December 31st, 2015, there were 1.59 Billion active Facebook users. That means that nearly every fourth person on this planet is an active user, which gives you a tremendous potential to reach out and connect with your ideal customers. However, one of the problems with Facebook advertising, and… Read more

How to get conversions from your "About Us" page in 4 easy steps
Written on 4 April, 2016
by Verity Meagher

The “About Us” page is one of the most important to get right. On most websites it’s one of the half dozen most trafficked pages, which gives you a fantastic chance to speak to your customers and further your company’s marketing line. When designing your website, the trick is to… Read more

How to increase your website
Written on 28 March, 2016
by James Baylis

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s not all about traffic to your website. While traffic is a big contributor to how your business is performing online, your website’s design and usability are also crucial to both your brand perception and overall business aims. If your website is user-friendly,… Read more

Using search, social, and email marketing to boost website traffic
Written on 21 March, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Your online marketing approach, from the channels you choose to how you make use of them, can make a huge difference to the overall success of your website. As the saying goes, having a website without any traffic is like having a billboard in the desert… not the best use… Read more

Are your current engagement metrics wrong?
Written on 14 March, 2016
by Verity Meagher

Time on site, bounce rate, page views – if you have a business or e-commerce website, chances are you’re familiar with these terms as ways to track engagement. However, if these are the only metrics you are using, you might be missing the big picture on how people engage with… Read more

5 Tips for Google Adwords Success in 2016
Written on 7 March, 2016
by Gerard Goh

Google Adwords have been great for businesses to get their business found. You don’t pay anything until you get actual website visitors on a cost per click (CPC) basis. However, with the recent removal of right column ads on the Google search engine results page (SERP), the top half of… Read more

How responsive design can support the multi-device user
Written on 29 February, 2016
by James Baylis

Rather than being a technically difficult design that only Silicon Valley startups use, responsive websites are a very real necessity in an age where users access sites from multiple devices. Following Google’s mobile-friendly update in 2015, the term “responsive design” has become part of everyday vocabulary for business owners and… Read more

5 key elements of mobile-friendly websites
Written on 22 February, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Whether or not your site is mobile-friendly can have a huge impact on several aspects of your website’s performance, from the overall user experience to your search engine ranking. Here are five key elements to assess when designing a website that can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and… Read more