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Why you don’t need to spend a fortune on web design
Written on 23 May, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Today you have more options than ever to create your very own website. You can take the D.I.Y approach and build it yourself if you have basic web skills, splash out and appoint an expensive web designer, or you can a hire an agency to create and manage your website… Read more

What results should I expect from an SEO company?
Written on 19 May, 2016
by James Baylis

Businesses today have a misconception of search engine optimisation (SEO) and what an SEO company can actually do for them. Many expect to be ranking on the first page of Google in days and to outrank all their competitors. They think this because: They don’t know how SEO works They… Read more

Why you are losing money managing your own social media
Written on 16 May, 2016
by Verity Meagher

Does your business have a barely-visible social media presence that hasn’t been updated in years? Worse still, do you have an active social media strategy that isn’t showing any meaningful results? Small business owners in Australia know the importance of having a social media presence, after all more than half… Read more

5 areas costing you traffic and leads online
Written on 9 May, 2016
by James Baylis

Is your website getting you all the traffic, leads, and phone calls you were hoping for? Have your efforts to compete online felt a lot like pouring money down the drain? If your online presence isn’t performing as well for you as you’d hoped, there’s a good chance you could… Read more

Why not having a mobile-friendly website will destroy your business
Written on 6 May, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Will having a website that isn’t mobile-friendly really destroy your business, or are we just trying to scare you? As with all good business decisions, having qualified data and hard facts on hand allows you to make the best decisions as a business going forward. So what data and facts… Read more

3 benefits of using PPC to grow your business
Written on 2 May, 2016
by James Baylis

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has opened up the door for many small Australian businesses in recent years to find more customers, and can most likely help your business find customers if they frequently access the Internet. PPC is a useful tool to add to your marketing strategy and in… Read more

Why does my business need social media?
Written on 26 April, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

Not all that long ago, social media was basically just a timewaster. While for some consumers it still is, it has become something much more lucrative for businesses. Precisely because of the sheer amount of time people spend on social media every day, it has become a highly valuable tool… Read more

How PPC can help small businesses grow
Written on 18 April, 2016
by James Baylis

As a small business in a big online world, it can be very frustrating to generate leads and customers online without spending a lot of time and money (with no guarantee of results). With more inbound marketing strategies to choose than you can shake a stick at, it doesn’t take… Read more

Target your ideal customer with Facebook marketing
Written on 11 April, 2016
by Lisa Shannahan

As of December 31st, 2015, there were 1.59 Billion active Facebook users. That means that nearly every fourth person on this planet is an active user, which gives you a tremendous potential to reach out and connect with your ideal customers. However, one of the problems with Facebook advertising, and… Read more

How to get conversions from your "About Us" page in 4 easy steps
Written on 4 April, 2016
by Verity Meagher

The “About Us” page is one of the most important to get right. On most websites it’s one of the half dozen most trafficked pages, which gives you a fantastic chance to speak to your customers and further your company’s marketing line. When designing your website, the trick is to… Read more