Written on 27 November, 2014 by Georgia Leaker
Spoil your website this Christmas It’s the holidays, so why not spend some time this silly season getting rid of the silly on your website and make sure it sparkles over the New Year. Give it a makeover Start by replacing blurry photos with high quality snaps and critically assessing any other logos or image... Read more
Written on 23 September, 2014 by Verity Meagher
Amplification: How to attract people to your website It’s one thing to spend time crafting great content for your website, but getting people to read it is quite another. Amplification is the art of making sure your message gets out there on a variety of owned, paid and earned media channels. Good-quality content is essential for the wellbeing... Read more
Written on 23 September, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Stay relevant and functional: Spring clean your website It’s essential that you maintain a regular online housekeeping schedule, and what better time to clean than spring? Use our handy list to help ensure you get into all those nooks and crannies and polish your website to perfection. Dust your ‘About us’ page How long has it been since... Read more
Written on 30 July, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
15 marketing tips from five of the best Marketing is crucial to business growth. However limited resources, competing priorities and uncertainty about how to develop a strategy and manage its implementation often mean it is left out of many small businesses plans. A team of Australia’s best innovators, brand developers, designers and researchers will help to demystify marketing... Read more
Written on 17 July, 2014 by Leonie Prendeville
Personality branding – The third brand your business needs There are three layers of branding your business needs to consider: Product - The brands we associate to a product or service we can buy e.g.: “iPod” Company - The brands we associate to a company we can buy from e.g.: “Apple” Personality - The brands we associate to people... Read more
Written on 16 July, 2014 by Alan Sarkissian
How To Generate Leads Using Video Marketing: Part 1 Are you losing customers because you don’t know how to attract prospects? Do you really understand how video and social media work? Wouldn’t your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood how to structure your campaigns? As you know, small business marketing is all about visibility . .... Read more
Written on 30 May, 2014 by Alan Sarkissian
How to build marketing momentum using video: 7 ideas to get you thinking Are you losing customers because you’re not engaging with customers and prospects? Are you delaying getting started because you’re stuck on ideas? In this post I’ll cover 7 ways you can start to engage and interact with your prospects and customers by using video. Each month I’ll get specific and... Read more
Written on 07 February, 2013 by Uyen Vu
How to master cross-channel marketing In the last few years, the explosion of new channels has sparked a new imperative for marketing success. Marketers who could once rely on striking billboards or killer copy must adopt a cross-channel ethos if they want their business to survive. And if a November 2012 study by Forrester is... Read more
Written on 04 December, 2012 by Uyen Vu
How to go viral In the last few years, social media marketers have been consumed with nailing the elusive formula for viral success. Viral videos can generate instant recognition and dizzying levels of consumer awareness, which translate to clicks, traffic and increased revenue. But sending your online video viral isn’t a game of chance.... Read more
Written on 01 October, 2010 by Jonathan Crossfield
All marketing is conversation If you’ve been in business for a long time, you are probably used to a marketing model that revolves around pushing your sales message to as wide an audience as possible – one-to-many communication. The television commercial, magazine advertisement and billboard are all about a single voice engaged in a... Read more