Site speed: Are you pleasing visitors and Google?

Written on 07 October, 2011 by Clancy Clarke
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Everybody hates slow websites. Waiting for different elements of a page to load – images, videos, content, backgrounds – often by the time a page has finished loading you are ready to click a link and move on or in some cases click the back button and give up on the site entirely.

It’s not only important that your website loads quickly from a user-friendliness perspective, but also from a search engine optimisation point of view.  In April 2009 Google officially stated that they are including page load speed in their website ranking algorithm. This means you now have two very important reasons to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible.

So, how can you ensure that your page load speed is optimal? There are two aspects of page load speed that every website owner should be aware of, server speed and onsite page load speed.

Server speed refers to how quickly the server that is hosting your website can respond to requests for pages. The more quickly a server can deliver these responses the more quickly your website will load.  Different web hosting providers provide different hosting infrastructures; these infrastructures are in essence what govern the server speeds.  A report in early 2011 showed that Netregistry hosting and underlying infrastructure outperformed the major competitors in all aspects of server speed.

Onsite page load speed refers to how efficiently and quickly a web browser can download the page content and display this to the website visitor.  Our friends at Google released page speed online to help website owners diagnose and fix issues that may be slowing their website down.  The tool covers both standard browser and mobile web browsers.

By following the guidelines outlined in Google’s online page speed tool and ensuring that your website is hosted on reliable, fast servers you will be go far in pleasing both your invaluable website visitors and the search engines.

Netregistry looks closely at your website page speed as part of our search engine optimisation programThe Traffic Accelerator Pro. Netregistry hosting is also independently tested as Australia’s fastest web hosting provider.

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