Why launching your business online will increase your target audience

Written on 30 July, 2013 by Uyen Vu
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Launching your company online can seem risky as you are placing your business on a much larger and competitive platform than brick and mortar businesses. But with strategic online planning you can not only keep hold of your existing target audience, you can actually increase it.


The internet is accessible. Let’s say you ran a pearl jewellery store on York street - your target audience would be upmarket and wealthy. However, the physical location of your business would make it less accessible for potential customers living in Palm Beach who would be interested in purchasing your product, but put off by your store’s location. This is a problem as it reduces sales, but by creating an effective internet business you can extend your product to customers who were previously out of physical reach and therefore optimise your sales.

Be careful…

While online traffic is a good sign, massive amounts of traffic will not benefit if you don’t convert online visitors into clients. You want qualitative trafficking rather than quantitative - what we mean by this is that the customers who are being directed to your site need to be relevant. What you don’t want is hundreds of customers visiting your site who are only interested in gold jewellery because they have no initial interest and probably won’t make a purchase.

But how you can increase online traffic and control it at the same time?

Refine your search. Search engines have become essential to businesses and with search engine optimisation you need to be tactful and know the keyword searches to target - with the right key word you can you can focus your traffic and localise your search.

What you need to remember:

Focus on your best customers - genuine sales growth typically comes through maximising results from an established customer base

An effective keyword strategy will make online business less competitive and cheaper to maintain. What tips can you give when making the offline to online transition?

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