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Written on 20 December, 2013 by Georgia Leaker
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Your domain name is a major part of your brand in the online world we now inhabit. It is your customer’s first port of call when they want information about you or your products and is the first piece of information they seek to remember when they see or hear your advertisements. If you lost your domain name to a competitor, it would be a costly exercise to rebrand all your marketing materials – both in labour and expenses.

There are lots of reasons you might miss your domain’s renewal reminders and potentially ‘lose’ it to a competitor, from not checking your email for the expiry notification emails to your contact details not being up-to-date. You might even find your domain renewal falls at a particularly busy time for your business, such as the end of the financial year or Christmas, and you lose track because you’re caught up in other, more important business.

Missing out on renewing your domain name or letting it lapse, means someone else can easily swoop in and register it, then hold it ‘hostage’ and leverage significant amounts of money out of you for them to transfer it back into your ownership. Not something that any business owner wants to experience and is also a waste of time for any business owner to have to deal with.

However, after several requests from customers and a policy change from auDA, Netregistry has introduced domain auto renewal for’s, as well as all other domain extensions. Much like your web hosting and email hosting, which are subscription services that renew automatically, you can now set your domain to automatically renew before it expires.

Domain auto-renewal is now available to all Netregistry customers and is pre-selected upon registration of a new domain name. It can be turned off during a new registration or at another time by logging into you customer account, The Console. However, domain auto renewal is not retroactive and all existing Netregistry domains will have to be turned on manually within The Console.

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