Which is the right social media channel for my business?

Written on 01 July, 2016 by Julie Doubinski
Categories: Social Media | Tags: facebook, social media

Australians love social media and they spend a lot of time browsing various social media apps. Overall Australians spend more than 4 hours a day on the internet and most of this time (about 3 hours!) is spent browsing social media. In comparison, traditional entertainment media like TV gets only 2 hours of our attention these days. So it’s clear, if social media marketing is not part of your marketing plan, you’re missing a massive opportunity.

But how do you choose the best social media channel for your business?

There are hundreds of social media channels out there and new social apps are developed all the time. Before you choose the best social media channel for your business, think about the type of product your business sells and the type of audience you would like to attract. Who would be your ideal customer and how old are they? Do people buy your type of product every day or is your product designed for a very niche market with very specific interests? Would still images work for your product’s promotions or would your product look more enticing in action? Are you selling to other businesses (B2B) or to individuals (B2C)? Depending on your answers, the best social media channel for your business might be Instagram (to post visually enticing images of your product), YouTube (to post videos of your product “in action”), or LinkedIn if you sell to other businesses.

Which would be the best social media channel to start with?

Facebook, of course! Why? Because it is the most used social media channel. There 14 million active Facebook users. On average Australians check their Facebook newsfeed about 14 times a day and they spend about 1.7 hours doing that. Facebook also has quite advanced advertising tools – when setting up your ad, you can select your target audience by gender, location, interests, demographics and many more various criteria, then reach that audience with 89% accuracy.

You can start with one social media channel, or if you have the time and resources, you can use more. Just make sure you update your content regularly and promptly respond to your followers’ comments and queries.

What’s next?

As your next step, define your marketing objectives and how you would achieve them. Marketing objectives are goals set by businesses when promoting services or products. Examples of marketing objectives are:

· Increasing your product sales

· Increasing your brand/product awareness

· Brand management

Social media marketing campaigns can help you achieve these goals. You can run campaigns that will help you drive foot traffic to your offline business, collect new leads for your newsletter subscriptions, run ads optimised for purchasing, or post sponsored content about your brand/company.

Another great thing about social media marketing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you are on a tight budget. You can start by running sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and allocate as low as $10 as your campaign lifetime budget.

And the last thing to remember – always monitor your marketing spend and use analytics tool to assess the success rate of your campaign. If your campaign objective is getting leads or sales, set your cost per lead or cost per acquisition goal (budget spent, divided by number of leads or sales acquired) and always stay within your budget.

If you’d like to know more about using social media for your business, contact one of the social media experts at WebCentral for a free, no-obligation consultation.