What scares you?

Written on 21 November, 2016 by Mike Reid
Categories: Marketing

Mike Reid is director of Dent Global, worldwide leaders in strategy and technology for entrepreneurial businesses. They’re known for running award-winning accelerator programs for 6-7 figure service businesses - with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia.

Our Partner Mike Reid from Dent Global talks about his fears, ambitions and important life questions.

A friend of mine asked me the other day: What scares you?

After giving the funny, cheesy answers I thought about the real one.

What actually scares me the most is getting to the end of my life and feeling like I hadn’t reached my full potential. That I hadn’t made the most of the opportunities I was given. That I hadn’t harnessed the inner resources that exist within me because comfortable circumstances hadn’t called them forth.

Deeper within all that is a fear that I’ll have lived a mediocre life. Nothing particularly unique. Nothing remarkable. Nothing that truly has an impact or leaves a legacy in the world. Nothing that makes a Dent. This isn’t rhetoric, it’s a deep-seated fear.

What constitutes making my Dent? I think that’s one of the most important questions I’ll answer in my life. Defining it will be the driving force behind my life’s work.

The truth is, most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m making it up as I go along. Doing the best with what I know and hungry to learn more so I can keep pace with my ambition. Yet, often falling short and feeling inadequate.

That’s the big picture. On a day to day it varies. Most of the time, it’s trivial - cash flow, not bringing out the most in the team on any given day, missing out on a deal, not nailing a pitch et cetera.

What’s funny is I think about these questions often and deeply. Probably too much. Often feeling afflicted about the future, ironically detracting from experiencing the present. Yet, when I haphazardly fall into those moments of real gratitude for what’s already in front of me, or reflect on everything I’ve already achieved to date - all of that dissolves away. Perspective is everything.

The lesson I’ve learnt is this: Our ambition and our contentment is locked in the tension between those two polarities – our greatest fear and our greatest achievement. I believe the bigger the tension, the more extraordinary your life will be.

Question is, what’s your tension?

The answer is unlikely to hit you like a lightning bolt of inspiration. Getting into the right environment to bring out the best in your creativity, talents and enthusiasm is critical to success.

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