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How responsive design can support the multi-device user
Written on 29 February, 2016 by James Baylis
How responsive design can support the multi-device user Rather than being a technically difficult design that only Silicon Valley startups use, responsive websites are a very real necessity in an age where users access sites from multiple devices. Following Google’s mobile-friendly update in 2015, the term “responsive design” has become part of everyday vocabulary for business owners and... Read more
5 key elements of mobile-friendly websites
Written on 22 February, 2016 by Lisa Shannahan
5 key elements of mobile-friendly websites Whether or not your site is mobile-friendly can have a huge impact on several aspects of your website’s performance, from the overall user experience to your search engine ranking. Here are five key elements to assess when designing a website that can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and... Read more
Why does being mobile-friendly matter?
Written on 15 February, 2016 by Lisa Shannahan
Why does being mobile-friendly matter? Having a mobile-friendly website (if indeed you had a website at all) used to be something that fell in the “nice to have” bucket, but these days it’s firmly established as a “must have”. Far from being a small segment of your customer base that you could ignore with minimal... Read more
Six ways a well-designed website can add value to your business
Written on 10 February, 2016 by Verity Meagher
6 ways a well-designed website can add value to your business For businesses today, having a website is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Websites provide a multitude of benefits for businesses and a well-designed one can be a key point in helping you stand out from competitors. Here are six ways a well-designed website can benefit your business.... Read more
DIY v Agency v Done For You
Written on 11 January, 2016 by James Baylis
DIY v Agency v Done For You When it comes to building a new website for your business, there are countless options out there. Do you roll up your sleeves and create your own site from start to finish, or do you find someone to help you? Do you pay an agency for their time and expertise,... Read more
Does your website need a new year revamp?
Written on 14 December, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Does your website need a new year revamp? As we reach the tail end of 2015, businesses are looking to the new year and are planning key aims and marketing objectives. This is often met with the question, ‘Should we build a new website?’ As mobile becomes increasingly important for marketers, and clients are demanding more information accessible... Read more
Stay Smart Online Small Business Guide
Written on 13 October, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Stay Smart Online releases free Small Business Guide Did you know that 60% of businesses who experience a cyber attack go out of business within 6 months? Privacy and security online are vitally important for small businesses, not only for protecting the information your clients share with you (like their payment and contact details) but for restricting access... Read more
Will Google's logo redesign set a new trend?
Written on 12 October, 2015 by James Baylis
Is Google’s latest logo redesign about to set a new trend? When global brands change their logos, the world takes notice. After Airbnb changed its logo in 2014, users around the world reacted with both praise and criticism. When Starbucks changed its logo in 1992, it became so synonymous with the idea of a coffeehouse that many other brands followed suit.... Read more
Proof Banner Ads Don't Work
Written on 08 October, 2015 by Karen Lam
Proof that banner ads don’t work How many banner ads have you clicked on today? Yesterday? In the past month? In the past year? If you’re anything like the rest of us, the answer is probably zero. And if it’s higher, you most likely work in the digital marketing industry – or you clicked on the... Read more
Written on 30 July, 2015 by Emily Rice
How to craft an effective call to action A well-crafted call to action (CTA) can be the difference between capturing a lead and missing out on an opportunity. Your CTA should be compelling, easy to understand and well placed on the page. Learn how to hone your CTAs and improve your conversions with these simple tips. 1. Use... Read more