Wearable technology: How will it affect your business?

Written on 01 October, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Categories: Small Business | Tags: business, technology, wearable technology

With the latest round of wearable tech offering more affordable and accessible options to the average consumer, is your business prepared for how the technology will change the playing field?

Not only does this new wave of technology offer cutting-edge ways of staying in touch and ahead of the game, it also provides businesses with an invaluable opportunity to learn more about their clients.

Revolutionising your workplace

By kitting out your staff members with the latest wearable tech, whether it’s a smartwatch or Google Glass, you’re giving them the opportunity to find new ways to connect. Equip your sales team with the mobile devices they need to be able to answer questions instantly during a pitch – such an investment would also allow them to function more efficiently at networking events, where subtly checking credentials and connections is crucial.

Embracing wearable tech could also offer your business an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the IT department. Give your employees the chance to develop the kind of exciting new apps that will characterise the way technology is utilised in your workplace. From security systems to new ways to manage urgent workloads and busy diaries, your staff could design the perfect app to complement your working processes.

Connecting with customers

As an increasing number of consumers connect to the market, you’ll have the chance to find new ways to offer them the best possible service. Importantly, wearable tech will make it possible for you to provide customers with the help, information and services they require right when they need them most. Think hands-free tutorials or unparalleled access to live-feed information. How could your business develop products to help everyone make use of this amazing new technology?

Your marketing team will also be presented with a fantastic opportunity for not only learning more about your customers, but finding new ways to guide them through the buying process. It will be possible to link customer metrics with destinations so that your team can deliver a customised, real-time journey. For example, when a customer enters a specific shop, an automated system could update them with any particular sales or promotions. Contactless payments are also on the rise. So, with access to information about how customers act before committing to a purchase, marketing departments will be perfectly placed to improve sales funnels.

Wearable technology is already making waves – get your business in on the ground floor and reap the rewards.