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Written on 28 August, 2012 by Verity Meagher
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It’s no secret that effective domain management can make or break online business success. Your domain name can contribute to the strength of your brand and mark out your piece of online real estate. However, domain name management can often be rife with issues and challenges that can mean disaster for your business if you’re not one step ahead. Avoid domain crises before they strike with our top tips for troubleshooting.

Consolidation domain renewal dates

Managing a portfolio of domain names can be risky business, especially considering that domain names are given to lapsing within different time frames. Luckily, most domain registrars provide an option to consolidate these dates by allowing you to pay the balance for the outstanding months. Renewing your domains in bulk is a foolproof way to avoid the administrative and re-branding costs incurred by a lapsed domain.

Do not be afraid to auto-renew

If you manage a handful of domain names, make sure you select the auto-renew feature. This guarantees that your domain name doesn’t expire unless you make the explicit decision to let it go. A proactive approach helps you stay on top of domain issues and mitigate risks that could seriously threaten your business.

Invest in domain portfolio manager

Domain management software can take the pain out of troubleshooting by providing a detailed snapshot of the online spaces you control. Portfolio managers allow you to organise your domain names into folders and categories while allowing you to access critical information from look up services such as whois.

Act fast

If these measures fail and someone purchases your lapsed domain, you’ll need to spring into action. If the domain name is parked, contact the domain owner and assess their willingness to sell. You can then make an offer based on their response. However, if the domain is already associated with a fully operating business, it’s likely that you’ll have to cut your losses and seek out a new online space.

Resolving domain issues is easy if you take the time to plan. Remember that strategy and a good dose of initiative will pave the way for better troubleshooting and secure your online business success.

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