Top 10 networking tips

Written on 10 November, 2011 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Networking isn’t selling.

Networking isn’t about making money.

Networking is about people and building relationships.

Here are top 10 Networking Tips from the ladies at Success Women’s Network, that will help you build relationships with like minded people.

  1. Prepare – It’s important to prepare your marketing material / name badges / business cards and your elevator speech well before your networking event.  Remember no sales pitches – it’s all about relationship building.
  2. Come early & leave late – This gives you more time to get to know everyone.
  3. Work the room – Don’t be shy.  Everyone is in the same boat as you.
  4. Act like the host and not the guest – Welcome new people as they arrive.
  5. Circle of influence – Don’t disregard someone on face value.  Their contacts could be your ideal clients/customers.
  6. Sit next to someone you don’t know – and remember their name.
  7. Book a meeting at your meeting – the real business happens when you really get to know someone.  It takes time for people to know you, like you and trust you!
  8. Have fun – put a smile on your dial!
  9. Follow up – It’s always important to followup after networking events with meetings, emails, catch-ups via social media etc…
  10. Be more pro-active – Invite clients to attend events, book trade tables, online forums, member profiles, newsletter articles, business health check sessions and even do social media shout-outs.  It’s all about helping each other out, supporting each other and sharing ideas!

Remember, the more you GIVE the more you GAIN.

Happy Networking.


Success Women’s Network, is an Australian owned and operated company that brings together women in business in a networking environment.  Their networking lunches and expos are held in multiple suburbs across Sydney.  For more information please visit

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