The pros and cons of social media automation

Written on 02 November, 2015 by Karen Lam
Categories: Social Media | Tags: facebook, online business, online marketing, social media, social media automation, twitter

Tools that allow you to automate your social media actions and save you time might sound like a dream come true, but if you want social media automation to work effectively for your business then you need to put some processes in place.

The pros

1. Become more organised

There are always going to be times when social media posts can’t be your top priority. Whether it’s a holiday, personal day or yearly audit that requires all hands on deck, you’re going to hit periods where organising your professional Twitter account or posting on the company blog slips down the list of priorities. Use automation tools to prepare for these events, organise and schedule posts in advance, and be confident that your content will appear online even when you’re unavailable.

2. The right timing

This is especially effective when you have time-sensitive information to impart. Do you want to share news about your festive sales online without having to work over the holidays? Do you have press releases that are embargoed until a certain – perhaps unpopular – hour? Automation is the key to getting messages out at the right moment.

3. Measure performance

Many automation tools also offer analytical information that can indicate which days and times your posts receive the most attention. You can then schedule your content so that you always hit those deadlines. It’s also an excellent idea to look closely at which posts are performing best on each platform – are your photos languishing on your blog when they could be attracting engagement on Facebook?

The cons

1. Laziness

One major side effect of automation is the way it can encourage companies to become lazy. When posts are set up ahead of time and that thrill of being ‘in the moment’ is gone, it’s very tempting to simplify a message. There’s also the danger of falling into a one-size-fits-all mentality, which is a bad mindset to be in. When it comes to posting on multiple platforms, you need to tailor content for each one.

2. No personality

By automating too many tweets, posts and pictures, there’s also a danger of taking the personality out of your social presence. When connecting in real time, you’re able to react to comments and continue conversations – something that’s very valuable when it comes to building a popular social profile.

3. Losing out

There’s also the chance that by trying to always plan ahead, you actually miss out on big opportunities. If you engage frequently on social platforms, you’ll always be abreast of industry events or news as it unfolds. If you rely on your own memory ahead of time, there’s a good chance you may miss important events.

While social media automation can be an excellent tool to help you hit targets, it’s best to stay active online – even on days off – and deliver a consistent presence. It’s also important to engage personally on a regular basis.

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