The importance of local SEO

Written on 07 March, 2013 by Uyen Vu
Categories: Marketing | Tags: search engine optimisation, seo

The old adage “think global, act local” is especially relevant when it comes to search. The internet might be an international playing field, but geography remains a powerful catalyst for driving conversions and attracting sales.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to consider the power of local SEO when executing a search campaign – an oversight that can result in missed opportunities for business growth. Here are our top five tips for a local SEO strategy that works.

1. Take an active role in your online community

Research the local websites and forums in your area and make an effort to actively engage with them. Highlighting that you’re genuinely connected with your region is a powerful technique for sending Google’s goodwill your way.

Although it’s important to include links to your website, make sure you take pains not to spam. If you take an ethical approach to your SEO practices, you’re bound to reap big rewards in the long run.

2. Priorities your contact information

Giving your contact information precedence across your website can make a big difference to your rankings in local search. Make sure to mention your location throughout your website, so potential customers can easily see that your pages relate to a certain city or region.

It’s also wise to leverage the power of Google places when attempting to ramp up your local search value. List your address, contact number and website on this service to ensure that your services are easy to find.

3. Do your research

It’s vitally important to do your keyword research before embarking on a campaign to boost your local SEO. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find geo-specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your key services as well as your location.

Entering your main keywords in Google and cross-checking this with the related search results is also a powerful way to generate relevant search terms.

4. Embrace Foursquare

Location marketing services such as Foursquare can pay big dividends for local SEO. If you add your business to the social network and ask customers to check in, you might be surprised at the traffic spikes that could occur.

5. Embrace a map on your website

Use Google Maps to generate an HTML embed code and incorporate a location map on your website. This has the double advantage of letting Google know where you’re located while showing your customers where they can find you offline.

Boosting your local SEO value is easy if you take some time to follow through with these strategies and tips. What is the best piece of local SEO advice you’ve received?

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