The do’s and don’ts of landing pages

Written on 28 February, 2013 by Uyen Vu
Categories: Marketing | Tags: content, pay per click, ppc

If you’re an online business owner, your landing page is the virtual equivalent of a shop window.

Mastering its presentation could translate to increased traffic, conversions and sales. Failing to invest in your landing page, however, is sure to have the reverse effect on potential customers and leads, who will perceive your poorly-tended digital shopfront as a sign that the rest of your business is not up to scratch. Luckily, creating a compelling landing page is easy if you take time to consider the dos and the don’ts.

Do use compelling headlines and persuasive copy

As the first port of call for customers, your landing page should be persuasive, punchy and echo the voice of your brand. Badly written copy will muddy your company’s message and damage credibility – factors that will do your business more harm than good. Conversely, using bold, concise headlines that vocalise strong calls to action will spark interest and drive clickthrough rates.

Do make the most of trust markers

There’s no denying that it’s hard to know who to trust online. That’s why it’s important to counter doubts about your credibility by using trust markers across your landing page. Making strategic use of Verified by Visa or PayPal logos on your landing page can seriously improve conversions and grow your bottom line.

Do schedule regular testing for your landing page

Online users can be fickle customers, switching to new behaviour sets before you’ve registered the old. Stay abreast of these changes by regularly testing your landing page and drawing on your findings to improve your user experience.

Don’t do overboard with links and graphics

The best landing pages are simple, elegant and user-friendly. Don’t scare away potential customers with gaudy graphics or countless links.

Don’t forget to spell-check

There’s nothing less professional than a landing page littered with spelling and grammatical errors. But if professionalism isn’t motivation enough, maybe search value is – Google’s new algorithm includes penalties for websites that feature inaccurate content.

Don’t include long contact forms or persistent pop-ups

It’s worth remembering that online users are time poor. Asking them to submit complicated contact forms or endure relentless pop-ups is more likely to spark site abandonment than sales.

Landing pages can create a powerful first impression, but they can also spur a negative perception of your brand. What steps have you taken to improve your landing page?

Do you feel like your website or landing page is not working hard enough for you?

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