The case for cookie-based banner ads

Written on 22 May, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
Categories: Marketing | Tags: advertising

Relevance is one of the most powerful buzzwords in the world of online advertising. Capturing the digital-savvy, time-poor modern customer often calls for a sophisticated awareness of online behaviour and the ability to spin this into profits for your business.

This where behavioural targeting – a digital marketing technique involving cookie-based banner advertising – can do great things for your brand. This form of advertising uses the online record of a customer’s browsing behaviour to serve up banner ads that are reflective of that user’s interests. Working with vendors to create contextual, personalised advertising is one way to reap dividends for your brand.

Here are three compelling reasons to jump on the bandwagon:

Re-targeting works

Online customers are often bombarded with information and can often leave a website before completing a call to action or closing the sale. Businesses can recover missed opportunities by capturing data and using it to generate an ad that will speak to the customer’s interests.

E-commerce wunderkind Zappos makes savvy use of cookie-based banner ads. If a customer views a pair of heels but is unsure about the purchase decision, the retailer serves up an ad for these shoes the next time they visits – online marketing inspiration for any business.


If you love business books, a banner ad for the latest fantasy bestseller is unlikely to pique your interest. When it comes to gaining customers, companies that take a personalised approach will always win. Using a customer’s preferences and online behaviours to create succinct, targeted advertising is vital for attracting your core customer and encouraging them to spend big with your business.

Repeat business

Knowing your customer is vital to building your brand presence and securing the all-important repeat business that will help your company grow. Engaging clients with cookie-based online advertising convinces your customer that you know them and is a foolproof way to keep them coming back.


Behavioural targeting is being embraced by the world’s most progressive companies and is viewed by marketers as the next wave in online marketing best practice.

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