Written on 16 August, 2013 by Verity Meagher
DIY guide to creating great marketing videos Video is a great marketing tool for helping you achieve your business goals. It has been shown to engage customers, improve conversion rates and helps drive traffic to your site, which is great for SEO. Here’s our DIY guide to creating great marketing videos. Define your purpose As with any... Read more
Written on 06 June, 2012 by Verity Meagher
Optimising for online video If you’re interested in revamping up your web presence, you can’t go past video content. Interactive, engaging and highly shareable, online video can also seriously boost your SEO. A recent Forrester study presents a compelling case for embracing video content, revealing that videos are 53 times more likely to help... Read more
Written on 31 May, 2012 by Uyen Vu
How to master your own social media campaign Smart businesses are getting more for their marketing buck by developing effective ad campaigns. The secret? They’re integrating social media into their online advertising. It doesn’t matter what your budget, social media advertising is open to all businesses. It’s highly effective because your efforts create a community of interested consumers... Read more
Written on 19 March, 2012 by Clancy Clarke
How to use video to engage customers and increase online exposure In the competitive online world, website owners and search engine marketers are constantly looking for new ways to promote themselves and their businesses. One of the most effective ways to connect with your customers is through video marketing. Video marketing isn’t new, big and small brands have been utilising the... Read more
Written on 31 March, 2009 by Jonathan Crossfield
Online video – Are you riding the wave? This article will self-destruct in ten seconds. Well, okay, a little longer than that. But it’s wise to remember that any “next big thing” is really only big, if you can jump on the wave when there are only a few other surfers riding it with you. Once the wave... Read more