9 ways to boost search relevancy and authority
Written on 26 September, 2016 by Tim Reid
9 ways to boost search relevancy and authority Our favourite business podcaster from The Small Business Big Marketing - Tim Reid - talks about boosting your search relevancy and authority for your web pages. There are several factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that allow websites to rank on the first page of Google. And boy, is it... Read more
3 benefits of using PPC to grow your business
Written on 02 May, 2016 by James Baylis
3 benefits of using PPC to grow your business Pay per click (PPC) advertising has opened up the door for many small Australian businesses in recent years to find more customers, and can most likely help your business find customers if they frequently access the Internet. PPC is a useful tool to add to your marketing strategy and in... Read more
How to get on the first page of Google search results
Written on 21 December, 2015 by James Baylis
How to get on the first page of Google search results You’ve built your website. It’s mobile-friendly, showcases your products and the design looks great. You’re ready to drive traffic to it and you know that Google is one of the most important ways to do so, but how can you get on the first page of Google search results? While... Read more
Will Google's logo redesign set a new trend?
Written on 12 October, 2015 by James Baylis
Is Google’s latest logo redesign about to set a new trend? When global brands change their logos, the world takes notice. After Airbnb changed its logo in 2014, users around the world reacted with both praise and criticism. When Starbucks changed its logo in 1992, it became so synonymous with the idea of a coffeehouse that many other brands followed suit.... Read more
Written on 24 August, 2015 by Verity Meagher
Why you need a backlinking strategy Tech teams are tweaking and refining search engine algorithms every day, and ranking as highly as possible is crucial for maximising leads and sales on the web. Quite simply, without a strong strategy for search, you risk missing out on profit and part of that strategy should be backlinking. What... Read more
Written on 17 August, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Your search marketing campaign: SEO, PPC, or both? The top spots on the first page of search engine results are hot property, precisely because they are exactly where you need to be for your customers to find you. 98% of searchers ultimately choose a business that is listed on the first page of the results they get. How... Read more
Written on 23 April, 2015 by Stephen Mayall
Is Your Website Ready for Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly’ Update? As you may have heard Google have recently rolled out a ‘mobile friendly’ update, that will reward websites that are mobile friendly, whilst potentially penalising those that aren’t. Typically Google’s updates are relatively subdued affairs until the day. When website and small business owners wake up one day to find... Read more
Written on 21 October, 2014 by Verity Meagher
Can Google read your website? Sub-navigation tips and tricks There are lots of different elements that need to be considered if you’re hoping for a good Google ranking, but considering whether the search engine can read your site or not is one of the most important. Pay heed to these top sub-navigation tips and tricks to ensure Google’s spiders... Read more
Written on 23 September, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Stay relevant and functional: Spring clean your website It’s essential that you maintain a regular online housekeeping schedule, and what better time to clean than spring? Use our handy list to help ensure you get into all those nooks and crannies and polish your website to perfection. Dust your ‘About us’ page How long has it been since... Read more
Written on 15 May, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Improve your web content with Google’s new Top Charts feature Use Google’s new Top Charts feature to know what searchers are looking for and plan your site’s content strategy accordingly. Google Trends – Top Charts Google Trends has recently become the preferred way to investigate searches associated with a particular keyword. To further improve Trends, Google has also introduced Top... Read more