How to build a great Facebook campaign
Written on 05 September, 2016 by Julie Doubinski
How to build a great Facebook campaign Currently, there are 15,000,000 Facebook users in Australia. If you think your potential business customers are on Facebook, you should definitely consider running Facebook advertising campaigns. So, where do you start? You can run Facebook ads using your personal account by selecting the “Advert Manager” tab on the left-hand side... Read more
Why you are losing money managing your own social media
Written on 16 May, 2016 by Verity Meagher
Why you are losing money managing your own social media Does your business have a barely-visible social media presence that hasn’t been updated in years? Worse still, do you have an active social media strategy that isn’t showing any meaningful results? Small business owners in Australia know the importance of having a social media presence, after all more than half... Read more
Why does my business need social media?
Written on 26 April, 2016 by Lisa Shannahan
Why does my business need social media? Not all that long ago, social media was basically just a timewaster. While for some consumers it still is, it has become something much more lucrative for businesses. Precisely because of the sheer amount of time people spend on social media every day, it has become a highly valuable tool... Read more
Proof Banner Ads Don't Work
Written on 08 October, 2015 by Karen Lam
Proof that banner ads don’t work How many banner ads have you clicked on today? Yesterday? In the past month? In the past year? If you’re anything like the rest of us, the answer is probably zero. And if it’s higher, you most likely work in the digital marketing industry – or you clicked on the... Read more
Written on 07 September, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
The rise of native advertising With increasing proof that banner ads don’t work, the rise of digital platforms and increasing demand for digital advertising solutions, native advertising is quickly becoming the popular choice in the land of digital marketing. If you’re wondering what native advertising is, and whether it’s a good fit for your business,... Read more
Written on 23 July, 2015 by Emily Rice
Which social media platform has the best-performing adverts? In social media advertising, it can be easy to spend dollars where they’re not deserved. So where should you invest your social budget, and which platform has the best-performing adverts? The answer is a little more complex than you may think. Facebook With over 1.44 billion monthly active users worldwide,... Read more
Written on 22 May, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
The case for cookie-based banner ads Relevance is one of the most powerful buzzwords in the world of online advertising. Capturing the digital-savvy, time-poor modern customer often calls for a sophisticated awareness of online behaviour and the ability to spin this into profits for your business. This where behavioural targeting – a digital marketing technique involving... Read more
Written on 11 November, 2011 by Clancy Clarke
How do search engines like Google make money? Search engines make money by running search related ads alongside the organic search engine results. The search engine makes money every time someone clicks on one of these ads. This technique is known as pay-per-click advertising. Advertisers pay or bid for placements in the search results for keyword phrases of... Read more
Written on 30 June, 2009 by WebCentral
Give your website new life with Facelift and Free Fonts One of the many concerns website owners have is that the web-safe fonts which we are bound to use on our website, because of web standards and policies, look dull and lifeless! Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those interesting font styles we see in Word, on our... Read more
Written on 01 December, 2007 by WebCentral
Traditional advertising for online solutions Are you solely relying on online marketing to drive traffic to your website? If so, you are probably missing a considerable number of potential visitors. Just because you’ve successfully turned your business into an online model, don’t dismiss traditional marketing just yet. Your potential customers are everywhere and by targeting... Read more