Stay relevant and functional: Spring clean your website

Written on 23 September, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Categories: Marketing, Web Design & Content | Tags: google, marketing, search engine optimisation, small business

It’s essential that you maintain a regular online housekeeping schedule, and what better time to clean than spring? Use our handy list to help ensure you get into all those nooks and crannies and polish your website to perfection.

Dust your ‘About us’ page

How long has it been since you checked the facts on your ‘About us’ page? Are your statistics still relevant and your most recent successes included? This is your chance to introduce yourself to potential clients, so make sure it’s an informative and engaging experience.

Update your ‘Contact us’ info

You might’ve moved to a new office, changed email addresses or even added new team members, but if your ‘Contact us’ page doesn’t reflect those changes then you’re missing out on opportunities. Don’t frustrate the people trying to get in touch with you – keep your details up to date.

Go through your buying process

When was the last time you followed your own sales funnel or registration process? If it’s been a while, take this as an opportunity to see exactly what your customers see and find out if there are any nasty problems along the way.

Follow all your links

There are few browsing experiences more frustrating than trying to navigate a website filled with broken links. However, if you have an agile site that allows you to move content around and insert and remove products, it’s inevitable that dead links will appear. Use free tools like Broken Link Checker to your advantage.

Assess any customer comments

If you have a blog or customer review section, spend some time checking any and all comments. It’s easy to accrue spam comments without noticing, but if you let them linger it may appear to your customers that no one bothers to care for your website.

Search for yourself

Hop off your website for a moment and try searching for some key terms related to your brand. If you see Google snippets with “oops” or “page not allowed by webmaster” or titles that trail off halfway through, it’s time to do a little maintenance and check your metadata, content, links and permissions.

Don’t wait for dropping revenue or customer complaints before you start seeking out problems, roll up your sleeves and give your website a thorough spring clean.