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Written on 19 November, 2021 by Webcentral

Best Free Keyword Tools for Business in 2022 Why use a keyword research tool? Business relies upon the selection of tested keywords to run an effective SEO strategy. These words or strings of words give companies an understanding of the most likely search terms users apply when searching online for a selected product or service. Finding a free... Read more
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Written on 06 March, 2018 by Julia Hammond

Everything You Need to Know About Google Re-marketing Do you feel like products are following you? Like whatever you view online magically appears displayed to you on a completely different site, taunting you into rethinking your choice to not buy it? Is it sorcery, or something more auspicious? Don’t worry, there is no dark magic at play. What... Read more
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Written on 22 February, 2018 by Julia Hammond

How to Create A Seamless Landing Page Experience There are actually two vital creative components to a successful, high-converting AdWords ad: the creative ad itself and the landing page. One without the other makes for a lacklustre result. So, what do you need to do to ensure the two are working seamlessly together? First, let’s go back to... Read more
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Written on 23 January, 2018 by Julia Hammond

The PPC Umbrella You’ll often hear marketers use the acronym PPC. At the Webcentral offices, I would suspect the term is used by at least one staff member every minute of the business day. PPC (or Pay Per Click) advertising is a digital marketing system used to attract targeted consumers online by reaching the... Read more
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Written on 18 January, 2018 by Julia Hammond

Case Study : World Class Glass Today we’re taking a look at one of our esteemed performance media clients to show just how effective close PPC management can be for a small to medium business. I sat down to have a chat with Senior Account Manager, Nick “Sully” Sullivan, about the World Class Glass campaign to find... Read more
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Written on 05 December, 2017 by Julia Hammond

2018 PPC Marketing Trends: Display Advertising, Mobile Landing Pages and the Rise of AI After diving into the SEO trends expected to grace the digital marketing realm next year, we’re now investigating how PPC will likely fare come 2018. Whether you rely on a Google AdWords campaign alone, or have mixed things up by advertising your brand via Google Shopping or on the Display Network,... Read more
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Written on 26 September, 2017 by Julia Hammond

How AI is Constantly Reshaping AdWords (and What the Future Likely Holds) Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in recent times, and one of the leaders in this field is, of course, Google. Most AdWords users are unaware of this, but the AdWords platform is slowly and surely becoming highly automated thanks to AI and machine learning. Here’s a peek at... Read more
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Written on 20 May, 2017 by Julia Hammond

SEO or PPC: 3 Ways to Know What’s Best for Your Site Since the dawn of the internet, it would seem that search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) have been pitted against each other. Both are used for the same goal: boosting traffic to your website. The way they operate differs however, and it can prove challenging deciphering which is best... Read more
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Written on 29 November, 2016 by Trish OLoughlin

How Exactly Does Google AdWords Work? Digital marketing is a multifaceted industry made up of many different services. However, if you break it down, it is essentially supported by two major pillars: SEO and PPC. SEO – or search engine optimisation – is focused on gaining organic ranks on Google, whereas PPC – pay-per-click advertising –... Read more
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Written on 25 November, 2016 by Cassie McBlane

How to Find The Best Time to Kick-Start Your Facebook Ads It’s been years of domination across the social space and still Facebook is causing speculation over how best to run ads within its feed. As marketers, we can theorise and determine our hearts away, but the last few years have given us at least a bit more of an insight... Read more
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