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Written on 15 September, 2017 by Iona Yeung

What you need to know about digital marketing Digital marketing is a complex topic but it can seem even harder to understand when experts start using tech jargon and long-winded explanations. For the small business owner, digital marketing is an essential element in the marketing mix. The following breaks digital marketing down into four key elements that any business can use to help grow... Read more
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ppc basics

Written on 03 July, 2017 by Iona Yeung

Google Search Advertising 101 for Small Business Owners Length: 15-20 min read. Marketers favour Google Search Advertising because of its ability to generate a visible return on investment. If you spend $100 on an ad campaign, you’ll quickly be able to measure the exact return from the budget spent. If your business can benefit from more leads and sales, this article... Read more
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facebook vs Google infographic

Written on 30 June, 2017 by Iona Yeung

Google vs Facebook Ads: Which is Best for Your Growing Business? Length: 5-7 min read. It's no surprise that paid traffic is one of the fastest ways to attract new website visitors, gain more leads and generate sales. When it comes to paid channels the two main contenders are Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. Whether one performs better than the other in... Read more
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How PPC can take your business to the next level

Written on 30 May, 2016 by Ivy Bartolome

How PPC can take your business to the next level Of all the online marketing methods you have at your disposal, nothing will get you faster results than pay per click (PPC) advertising on search engines.  Whether you sell a product or service, PPC is arguably the fastest way to take your business to the next level, and in today's... Read more
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Written on 28 November, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam

Pay-Per-Click: Which option is right for your business? If you’re looking into pay-per-click advertising you’ll find lots of options in a crowded marketplace that can be confusing if you haven’t navigated it before. We go through the differences and show you how to determine which is the right option for you. Performance and distribution The first thing to... Read more
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Written on 23 October, 2013 by Verity Meagher

Three ways online marketing can help grow your sales Online marketing is a very powerful tool for your business, but knowing where to start can be daunting. If you implement the three core elements below, they will immediately help to increase your sales and put you ahead in the online marketing game. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) SEO is a... Read more
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Written on 11 February, 2011 by Verity Meagher

Tip #7 - Improve your SEM campaign’s ROI in 7 easy steps Strictly speaking today’s top tip really spoils you, it doesn’t just provide one great piece of advice to boost your business but instead gives you seven! If you’re keen to promote your business online, then chances are you’re interested in some form(s) of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). There are a... Read more
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Written on 01 January, 2007 by Netregistry

The Ultimate Testing Checklist by Shirley Kaiser Excerpted from the book 'Deliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential Checklists' Testing plays a critical role in the development of your web site and its long-term maintenance. While smaller web sites - especially those with more limited budgets-may not need to follow the formal testing procedures... Read more
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Written on 01 January, 2006 by Netregistry

Google AdWords and Your Business In an exclusive interview with Netregistry, we ask Kate Vale, Head of Sales & Operations, Google Australia & NZ why Google AdWords is the online advertising choice for small businesses. What advantages does Google AdWords have over local competitors such as Yahoo/Overture and Sensis? Why should small businesses choose AdWords... Read more
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