Pay Per Click

3 benefits of using PPC to grow your business
Written on 02 May, 2016 by James Baylis
3 benefits of using PPC to grow your business Pay per click (PPC) advertising has opened up the door for many small Australian businesses in recent years to find more customers, and can most likely help your business find customers if they frequently access the Internet. PPC is a useful tool to add to your marketing strategy and in... Read more
How PPC can help small businesses grow
Written on 18 April, 2016 by James Baylis
How PPC can help small businesses grow As a small business in a big online world, it can be very frustrating to generate leads and customers online without spending a lot of time and money (with no guarantee of results). With more inbound marketing strategies to choose than you can shake a stick at, it doesn’t take... Read more
5 Tips for Google Adwords Success in 2016
Written on 07 March, 2016 by Gerard Goh
5 tips for Google Adwords success in 2016 Google Adwords have been great for businesses to get their business found. You don’t pay anything until you get actual website visitors on a cost per click (CPC) basis. However, with the recent removal of right column ads on the Google search engine results page (SERP), the top half of... Read more
Written on 17 August, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Your search marketing campaign: SEO, PPC, or both? The top spots on the first page of search engine results are hot property, precisely because they are exactly where you need to be for your customers to find you. 98% of searchers ultimately choose a business that is listed on the first page of the results they get. How... Read more
Written on 01 May, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Web analytics 2.0: Types of online data you should be tracking Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst are not the only data tools online businesses should be using. Broaden your horizons and get to grips with other data trackers that could reveal important insights for your business. Customer analytics Your customers hold the key to some really valuable statistics and you shouldn’t wait... Read more
Written on 14 June, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
A beginner’s guide to PPC Pay per click or PPC marketing is a highly strategic method of capturing potential customers and is a powerful driver of conversion and online sales. However, even the most seasoned PPC expert can find managing a paid search campaign challenging. PPC is both measurable and tactical, if you devise the... Read more
Written on 20 April, 2012 by Verity Meagher
Are you making the most of your PPC advertising? Your main objective of Pay Per Click (PPC) is to get traffic to respond to your specific call to action. You may want them to buy a product or service, subscribe to your business newsletter or click on an ad. It all sounds easy. But if you’re new to PPC,... Read more
Written on 02 April, 2012 by Clancy Clarke
Want more PPC traffic? The inside word from Google Google’s internal research team originally released some very interesting data from a study they completed in regards to paid versus organic search traffic. The major focus of the study was to determine if paid search ads are paused whether the clicks from organic results make up for the lost paid... Read more
Written on 03 February, 2012 by Clancy Clarke
The most effective ways to use AdWords Adwords are the advertisements lined up on the side of your screen when you view your search results in Google. Whilst some people consider Adwords as simply paid traffic generation, they may fail to see the SEO advantage that a tool like Adwords can offer. Many users of Adwords will... Read more
Written on 11 November, 2011 by Clancy Clarke
How do search engines like Google make money? Search engines make money by running search related ads alongside the organic search engine results. The search engine makes money every time someone clicks on one of these ads. This technique is known as pay-per-click advertising. Advertisers pay or bid for placements in the search results for keyword phrases of... Read more