Use online reporting to improve conversions

Written on 20 January, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
Categories: Search Engine Optimisation | Tags: analytics, google, online marketing, search engine optimisation, seo

If you’re marketing your business online, then analysing your website’s statistical data is going to benefit you. If you have built your website, you should take advantage Google Analytics to find out about the activity of your site. If your site was designed by a professional, it is possible the hosting service has its own statistical tools. This information can help you design marketing campaigns at different times of the year and enable you to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Your online content should contain keywords specific to your business, the services you offer and in particular, what problem your business solves. By checking your statistical data, you can determine which of your keywords are being searched and when, as well as how your site ranks in the search for those words.

Once you know which words and phrases, relevant to your industry are being searched and when there is a spike (increase) in searches for your key terms, you can begin to prepare campaigns for those periods. For example if you were running a business as a florist, you may become aware that certain words or phrases, such as ‘valentines bouquet’ or ‘valentines roses’ increase prior to February 14th each year. With this knowledge you could begin a campaign in January to market your business. You could write articles appropriate for Valentines Day, including the key terms, which would build a flow of traffic to your site. You may think that it is obvious that there will be more interest in flowers at this time of year, however your site may not rank in search engines, if you do not know the specific terms being used in searches.

Remember not to saturate your content with keywords, simply incorporate them with some back-links to your site and other sites appropriate to your content. Just writing a sales article about your service or product is not enough, but writing short, content rich articles over a period of time, will build trust in potential visitors who will then click into your site. Your site should then inform them of any special offers and events.

Designing your own campaign based upon key words and terms is simple, once you understand how. However, if you are short on time or would feel more confident having a professional manage your online marketing, then speak to a WebCentral consultant on 1800 800 099 about our comprehensive search engine optimisation solutions.