Nine ways to boost retail sales with Twitter

Written on 03 January, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Fast-paced, versatile and widely embraced by customers, Twitter is a retailer’s dream. It allows brands to engage shoppers and promote offers and discounts in real time – attributes that strengthen customer engagement and set the stage for soaring sales. Here are nine strategies for boosting retail sales with Twitter.

  1. Include retweet buttons alongside product images

    Social sharing is organic by nature. Including retweet buttons next to your product images will encourage customers to share products they like with their social networks, sparking traffic and driving sales.

  2. Consider a dedicated Twitter page for your e-commerce website

    Online retail maestro Zappos has incorporated a dedicated page displaying its employees’ Twitter feeds on its website – a bold move that’s paid big dividends for customer engagement and sales.

  3. Embrace Twitter-based tracking tools

    Tools such as TweetDeck can allow you to track brand sentiment and identify the conversations that relate to your services and products. This allows you to launch targeted social marketing efforts with high returns on investment.

  4. Reach out to influencers

    On Twitter, connecting with an influencer can help increase brand visibility and multiply your customer base. If an influencer tweets about your product, make sure you reach out and cultivate the relationship.

  5. Live tweet your promotions

    The real-time nature of Twitter makes announcing sales and promotions a breeze. Make sure you tweet about your special offers as soon as they occur and remember to be pithy and succinct throughout this process – you’re bound to be rewarded with a traffic surge.

  6. Be authentic and relevant

    Although promoting your offers on Twitter is important, it’s equally vital to tweet links to relevant or interesting content and provide value to customers. Constant self-promotion will alienate customers and reduce your chances of increasing your follower count and driving sales.

  7. Build your Twitter community

    Twitter works best when you perceive it as a community rather than a forum for aggressive marketing. Retweeting interesting links and offers will drive brand awareness and encourage your followers to do the same.

  8. Link it up

    Encourage your staff members to include your brand’s Twitter handle on their email signatures and ensure the Twitter button features prominently across your website. Building a large base of Twitter followers will see you gain greater traction when it comes to promotions and sales.

  9. Respond to customer queries and complaints straight away

    It might seem counterintuitive, but addressing and responding to customer complaints can actually build relationships and foster higher levels of trust. If your sales plan backfires, apologise on Twitter and remedy the situation – you might gain a few new shoppers in the process.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that can drive customer relationships, traffic and sales. Contact us on 1800 800 099 for more info or enquire today.

What are your most inspired Twitter marketing tricks?