Improve your web content with Google’s new Top Charts feature

Written on 15 May, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Categories: Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation | Tags: google, website content

Use Google’s new Top Charts feature to know what searchers are looking for and plan your site’s content strategy accordingly.

Google Trends – Top Charts

Google Trends has recently become the preferred way to investigate searches associated with a particular keyword. To further improve Trends, Google has also introduced Top Charts, which gives you insight into the top industry-specific results from all over the world.

Rather than focusing on individual keyword volumes, Top Charts gathers data in each of its industry categories then simply lists the subjects that people in any given industry are most interested in. This allows you to quickly gather a clear and comprehensible view of what your customers are looking for without you having to waste countless hours trying to come up with a huge variety of different keyword combinations to check.

Using Top Charts for content generation

Top Charts also offers businesses a valuable insight into generating the right web content. Updated monthly, the charts provide a near-immediate understanding of the industry-related searches that are proving most popular – something that should generate plenty of content ideas for savvy business owners.

In Top Charts, you can see which companies, areas and topics are being most talked about in your industry, making it easy for you to target your blog posts or new webpages to complement these trends. By quickly and reactively keying into the things your customers are interested in, you won’t only increase traffic and encourage social sharing, you can show how reactive and on the ball your business is.

Its also a useful tool for helping you build effective promotions, allowing you to save time when it comes to choosing the products people are most likely to be excited about receiving discounts on. This can really cut your market research time, although you’ll still want to test your conversion rates to see whether your unique audience is in line with industry-wide trends.

Top Charts limitations

At the moment, Top Charts isn’t perfect – its results are currently limited to less than 50 different industries and if you operate in a niche market, the information provided may be too general for you to really capitalise on. What’s more, even if your industry is included, there’s a chance that your unique audience will not be accurately represented in what is ultimately a broad-stroke and general view of business-wide trends.

Despite this, Top Charts is a valuable asset to any webmaster hoping to generate relevant content. Use its up-to-the-minute information to tweak and plan your content timetable on a monthly basis and stay on the pulse in your industry.