How to turn your Facebook "Likes" into sales

Written on 01 December, 2011 by Verity Meagher
Categories: Social Media | Tags: sales, social media

Are you one of the many business owners still not convinced there’s an ROI in social media? Still confused about how to build your ‘Likes’, what to do with them once you get them and where to begin to convert them into qualified leads?

Relax. We’ve got it covered. Let us take you through the Top 3 things you need to do to turn your Facebook business page into a high converting sales tool.

Step 1: Build it and they will come

Or will they? You first need to build your following and get people to like your page. You do that by creating a Welcome Page that encourages people to like you. You then need to tell people about your page via an icon on your website, adding it to all your marketing and encouraging people to share your page with their networks. Offer a prize or create a campaign that will get people to like your page and send it viral – everyone likes free stuff and if you offer something of real value, it will soon be shared around. So now you’ve got them, what do you do with them?

Step 2: Share, create interest and engage

The biggest mistake people make with Facebook is using it as a sales tool from the beginning. Your strategy in using social media should comprise two steps. First, to build a relationship and second, to nurture them to buy from you. Too many businesses are skipping the first step in their haste to see their ROI and losing the likes they’ve worked so hard to get. Make sure your page is 90% sharing content, providing interesting information, videos, images, links and actively engaging with your community by responding to their comments. Why? By providing useful and interesting information, it is more likely to be shared and referred to others. Your 10% for sales should be about educating your followers about products and services, and highlighting special offers. This step is all about interacting and engaging to build relationships – and trust.

Step 3: Convert your likers into lovers

This step is all about taking advantage of the engaged state your “Likers” are in. If they have liked your page, they are far more likely to perform another type of action. Get them to sign up to your newsletter, subscribe to your blog and tell their friends about you. You need to get them to your website and leverage the momentum to turn them into raving fans (and customers!) of your business.

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