How to reach your untapped market

Written on 13 November, 2012 by Uyen Vu
Categories: Marketing | Tags: analytics, search engine optimisation, seo

While it’s true that online business don’t have the same advantages offered by face-to-face interactions, they do have access to a suite of analytical tools that make light work out of reaching untapped markets.

The data-driven nature of the internet has made it easy to collect and analyse customer information and glean sharp insight - a practice that allows companies to build their client base and extend their reach. If you’re a business owner, analytics tools should figure heavily in your growth strategy. Here are the top three tools to get acquainted with.

Google Analytics

Known as the king of analytics tools, it has become an permanent fixture in online business thanks to functionality that lets you view your customers’ conversion path, measure the clicks generated by mobile and tablet-enabled websites and monitor granular customer information in real-time. Google also recently released an application gallery as part of its analytics suite - a useful feature that lets businesses generate reports by connecting Analytics to third-party tools such as LogMyCalls and GA Data Grabber for Excel.

Quantum Leap Buzz

There is no denying that Twitter and Facebook serve as a robust source of information about a customer’s likes, interests and vital statistics. However, decoding the data and drawing concrete predictions that can help your business can be a little trickier. Quantum Leap Buzz allows you to organise tweets and Facebook posts into themes and throws up data about the conversation surrounding it, including the amount of people engaged in the dialogue and the level of positive or negative sentiment. It’s a powerful tool for launching a results-driven online marketing campaign that speaks directly to your customers’ interest.

JackBe Presto

Although this tool is aimed at the higher end of the market, it is a cheaper alternative to an in-house analytics team. It works by capturing data from sources such as Microsoft Office, Oracle and Salesforce and organising these data streams into interactive dashboards that let you compare the data and examine ebbs and flows in the customer demand. This can help you identify markets that could promise new revenues streams for your business.

Analytic tools are a powerful part of any online business owner’s arsenal and should be regularly embraced. How have analytics tools helped your company tap into new markets?

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