How to master your own social media campaign

Written on 31 May, 2012 by Uyen Vu
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Smart businesses are getting more for their marketing buck by developing effective ad campaigns. The secret? They’re integrating social media into their online advertising.

It doesn’t matter what your budget, social media advertising is open to all businesses. It’s highly effective because your efforts create a community of interested consumers who you can communicate with on an ongoing basis.

The benefits of social media ad campaigns:

  • Cost-effective:

    Social media marketing is very cost-effective when you take into consideration its ability to target a highly concentrated audience. But while it is cheaper, don’t always expect it to be free. Tweeting is one thing, paying for Facebook advertising is another.

  • Reach:

    Social media marketing creates a two-way conversation with your consumers. It allows you to interact and engage with a targeted audience, helping you build a community around your brand.

  • Testing:

    Social media marketing provides great data insight. You can then test that data to see how well your ad campaigns are being received by a targeted audience. What works and what doesn’t? It’s a cheap way to test the effectiveness and improve future campaigns.

Below are a few inside tips to help improve your own social media ad campaigns:

  1. Use the right platforms

    Social media goes beyond just having a Facebook business page. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Places, YouTube and Flickr are just some of your options. Your best strategy is to dip your fingers into a variety of relevant social media avenues to boost your web presence. You also must consider what the best approach is.

    For example, Facebook advertising can be purchased in cost per click and cost per thousand packages. Is it worth paying for the actual clicks received or a number of ad views/impressions, regardless of whether the ad is clicked? Test your ads in different scenarios until you find the one that works best.

  2. Mix up your media

    Text is great, but mixing up your media in ad campaigns is going to create more buzz. Don’t be afraid to create multimedia videos, use images and start polls that you can promote on your social media pages. Again, results are best achieved when social media activity fits into an overall ad campaign. Promote your Facebook page or Twitter account in an offline or online banner, or even in a video.

  3. Content still reigns supreme

    You can’t build a great following without posting great content. Therefore, there’s no point advertising your social media pages if you’re not maintaining a social presence. Get blogging, re-tweet interesting articles on your feeds and interact with customers. Having consumers engage with your content, as opposed to just stumbling on your business social media pages, will significantly impact the way your ad campaign is received.

  4. Influence the influencers first

    You want to come across as a professional in your field. The best way to do this is to influence people interested in your products/services who will then influence others. If you produce content and campaigns that genuinely appeal to your target market, you will grow your audience and conversion rates with time.

    You can view how influential you and your followers are using Klout – a platform specially designed to measure your influence on social platforms.

  5. Track, track, track

    Treat your social media efforts like any other marketing campaign and monitor your results. This means you ought to monitor user feedback (wall posts, tweets, conversations, reviews) and respond – even if it’s a negative complaint. It also pays to monitor your conversions. This will help determine your ROI (return on investment) so you can better your strategies in the future.

    Creating short URLs and tracking these using a URL shortener like helps to give valuable insight into what content works and what doesn’t on social media.

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