How to master cross-channel marketing

Written on 07 February, 2013 by Uyen Vu
Categories: Marketing | Tags: customer behaviour, marketing

In the last few years, the explosion of new channels has sparked a new imperative for marketing success.

Marketers who could once rely on striking billboards or killer copy must adopt a cross-channel ethos if they want their business to survive. And if a November 2012 study by Forrester is anything to go by, the industry is wising up to this new cross-channel challenge – the research body found that 78 per cent of all businesses surveyed rate cross-channel marketing as either “important” or “very important” to customer relationships and profitability.

Despite this, marketers often struggle with rigid systems and ineffective processes – factors that create barriers to cross-channel success. Here are some ways to overcome them.

Embrace a single customer view

So you know that your social, online and mobile channels are a data goldmine, but have no idea how to strike it rich? Then it’s time to centralise your data and adopt a single customer view.

These days, customers recognise brands and rarely register channels – an attribute that sees cross-channel inconsistencies met with decreased loyalty and missed sales. This also means that marketing promotions need to be consolidated and easily redeemed across every channel. If you put cross-channel thinking at the heart of your marketing approach, you’ll gain stronger customer relationships and better ROI.

Say goodbye to channel conflict

Imagine your most valued customer making an enquiry via your call centre, only to be greeted by a sales associate with no knowledge of her purchasing history. It’s a familiar scenario that breeds the sort of customer experience that affects brand credibility and trust.

That’s why it pays to ensure that your physical, online and mobile channels rely on a real-time, centralised understanding of each customer. That way, your marketing efforts will be based on precise knowledge of shoppers’ buying habits, preferences and tastes.

Prioritise the customer experience

It’s no secret that the customer experience is at the heart of cross-channel marketing success. But launching a seamless marketing campaign across multiple channels can be a little trickier. Whether it’s investing in an integrated technology platform that delivers greater visibility or making organisational changes that promote shared customer knowledge, focusing on the customer experience is the key to cross-channel success.

Mastering cross-channel marketing isn’t easy, but a few changes to your thinking can reap big rewards. What lessons have you learnt from your latest cross-channel marketing effort?

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