How to humanise your brand

Written on 19 October, 2015 by Karen Lam
Categories: Marketing | Tags: brand, marketing, online marketing

Marketing shouldn’t only be about chasing leads and creating sales. Building solid relationships with your clients is just as important. A good relationship can result in an ongoing stream of revenue for your business rather than a one-off purchase, so learn how to resonate with your audience and work on becoming a brand people can trust.

Create meaningful marketing material

The best adverts are the ones that get right to the heart of the matter and touch on the kind of issues that resonate with the target audience. No matter what your business, when creating marketing material you’re likely to be able to find an angle that focuses on real problems that your clients face – and align your brand as a way to combat them. This is an excellent way to make a personal connection with your clients.

Showing your softer side

Even if you are in a niche industry that doesn’t have an easy topic to identify with, you can find a not-for-profit organisation or charitable campaign that your business would be proud to partner with and that clients would be interested in. Choose a cause you truly believe in and put your weight behind it or brainstorm topics that are tangentially aligned with your brand and base a campaign around them. This can be especially useful for B2B businesses, which often forget they are talking to people.

Create content that prioritises relationship building

There’s nothing wrong with creating content that’s designed to drive sales, but it should be balanced by the kind of material that’s there to foster a longer and more substantial relationship with clients. To achieve this, you need to shift your attention away from short-term conversions and towards creating content your customers will find value in. Launch interesting industry surveys and share the findings, start a ‘how to’ blog, create informative infographics and search for ways to give something back to your customers – that’s what will keep them engaged.

Let your personality shine through

All brands have a personality, but yours may not yet be clear. To identify your brand’s character, you have to look at the culture of your business. Are you a young, energetic company with lots of graduates? Are you serious and passionate about your work? Uncover how your company behaves behind closed doors and put the focus on those qualities in public. A genuine personality will be more trusted by the public, and it will also benefit your business when it comes to attracting the right talent for your recruitment needs.

Prove that you’re paying attention

All businesses should make an effort to respond to client feedback and, ideally, you want your clients to know that’s exactly what you’re doing. If you make changes based on results from surveys or because you’ve noticed repeat complaints, shout about it in your marketing materials. Prove that not only are you listening, you’re prepared to respond and take action to rectify any issues.

Look inside your business and find the core values you work by, then hunt for ways to share them. The more personal your connection, the more likely it is to last.