How to get conversions from your “About Us” page in 4 easy steps

Written on 04 April, 2016 by Verity Meagher
Categories: Web Design & Content | Tags: content, online business, online marketing, small business

The “About Us” page is one of the most important to get right. On most websites it’s one of the half dozen most trafficked pages, which gives you a fantastic chance to speak to your customers and further your company’s marketing line. When designing your website, the trick is to not only talk about your company and the people who work there, but also speak to the benefits that you offer to your customers. To help you create the greatest “About Us” page possible, here are four easy tips to start the design process.

1. Catch readers with an attractive title

If you’re a landscaping company in Melbourne, you might consider a title like “How Melbourne Landscaping Can Help You Lower Your Landscaping Bill by 50%”. Or if you’re in Sydney and you run a restaurant, “How We Make the Best Pizza in Sydney”. Notice how these headlines combine two different elements. They tell readers something about your business, and they also offer them a unique benefit. For your own “About Us” page you should consider drafting half a dozen or so different titles in order to find the best one to grab reader’s attention. Website design can take time to get right, and multiple revisions are often necessary.

2. Talk about social proof and testimonials

After you’ve hooked readers with a benefit-driven headline, and explained to them exactly what the benefit is, it’s time to back that up with testimonials from your customers. The best testimonials are short one or two sentence quotes. Ideally the quotes should relate directly to the product or service that you talked about earlier at the top of the page.

These should be actual quotes from your customers, it’s not worth making them up. If you don’t have any testimonials you can ask your best customers to write a paragraph, or even just a few lines, about how you’ve helped them. For example, BizCover receives excellence in rating from 99% of its customers. It does because it offers great benefits for its customers: offering multiple free business insurance quotes to its customers instantly online . This is the type of service that customers like and tend to write positive reviews about.

write positive reviews about. 3. Tell customers your personal story

Now that you’ve talked about the benefits your business offers, and backed up those benefits with social proof from other customers, it’s time to tell people something about your business. The more concise and interesting you can make this, the better. You don’t want to tell readers the entire history of your business, so this section should only be a couple of paragraphs at the maximum. You might want to consider crafting something witty and unique, as this is likely to stick in people’s memories longer than a generic text. HubSpot marketing has twelve awesome examples of unique, catchy “About Us” pages that should give you some ideas for your own website.

4. End with a call to action

The final section of your “About Us” page should build on everything you’ve written before, and ask the reader to take some kind of action. That may be visiting your product page, or subscribing to your weekly newsletter. Remember, your “About Us” page receives a lot of traffic and it’s a great way to get customers to take the action that benefits your business the most. To see even more examples of interesting and catchy “About Us” pages, check out TwelveSkip’s post on the subject.

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