How to create a successful content marketing sales funnel

Written on 04 January, 2016 by Lisa Shannahan
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The second a potential customer comes into contact with one of your ads or lands on your site, you have the opportunity to make a sale. However, turning a visitor into an actual buyer can be a struggle. The best way to achieve this is to build an efficient and inclusive sales funnel.

Designed to help guide leads through the buying process, a good sales funnel should be an integral part of your content marketing campaign and is a must for any website. Your funnel, through clever copy, design, and content, should make the buying process simple and easy for your prospects, allowing them to move smoothly from initial contact to eventual sale.

Creating a content marketing sales funnel

The components of your sales funnel should be based on four traditional marketing principles:

1. Attention

Ideally these should be landing pages that feature minimal content and are as easy to understand as possible.

2. Interest

Once you’ve established that leads are interested, you need to show them the benefits of purchasing your products. Facts, figures and statistics are all useful to demonstrate this.

3. Desire

Now it’s time to introduce the element of desire, include gorgeous product photos, product descriptions and positive product reviews.

4. Action

This is where you need to convince a lead that you’re the best person to buy from. Include security assurances, postage costs, case studies and customer testimonials. Remove barriers to conversions, such as clunky checkouts.

At every stage and on every page of your site, you should be looking for ways to grab the attention of your contacts to hook their interest. A good first step for nurturing a potential buyer is persuading them to sign up to a newsletter or inviting them to have an online conversation with a sales representative. You may also offer benefits for following your business via a social media platform, establishing a relationship between you and your prospect.

Welcoming leads at all stages of the process

It’s important that your sales funnel can be accessed at any juncture, so that leads entering the funnel at different stages will still be compelled to complete the buyers’ journey. The secret to managing this successfully is to ensure that you have exactly the right content on any given page, so that you not only encourage buyers halfway through the sales funnel to continue, but you also snag buyers who have joined late.

What’s more, you really want a sales funnel that focuses on customer retention. Convincing a user to convert is one thing but transforming them into a loyal customer is an even bigger one. Reward new buyers with special offers, coupons, contests and giveaways that are only available to returning customers and encourage repeat business.

A great sales funnel is an essential part of improving conversions and is one part of your content marketing campaign you really can’t afford to skimp on.