How to craft an effective call to action

Written on 30 July, 2015 by Emily Rice
Categories: E-commerce, Web Design & Content | Tags: call to action, content, customer behaviour, online business

A well-crafted call to action (CTA) can be the difference between capturing a lead and missing out on an opportunity. Your CTA should be compelling, easy to understand and well placed on the page. Learn how to hone your CTAs and improve your conversions with these simple tips.

1. Use persuasive action

The only way to tempt your readers to click on your CTAs is to make them persuasive and enticing. Harnessing the power of suggestion is essential when it comes to creating CTAs that work. Use active language and put the focus on the customer, rather than on your business.

Be very clear about what you want your user to do, whether it’s to subscribe, buy or enter a competition. Phrases like “order now to take advantage of this special offer” or “buy now to enjoy your discount” are excellent for offering both an incentive and a clear action.

2. Include clickable links

There are few things more infuriating for a user than clicking on a CTA only to find it leads nowhere. Today’s users are very savvy in the ways of the web and they love using contextual links and CTAs as a way to navigate around a site.

If your CTA isn’t clickable, you’re throwing away a massive opportunity and frustrating a potential customer at the same time.

3. Place CTAs above the fold

You should always have at least one CTA above the fold. Many users won’t take the time to scroll down your page, searching for the appropriate action to take – you need to make it so easy for them to spot the next step that they take action without having to think about it.

It’s okay to have more than one CTA on a page, and there’s nothing wrong with finishing off your list of benefits with a CTA. Just ensure you have one near the top of the page too.

4. Make smart colour choices

Did you know that different colours produce different emotional responses? This piece of information can be very useful when you’re creating your CTA buttons.

According to The Guardian, Gmail once tested 50 shades of blue to find the perfect colour for its CTA, and this small tweak resulted in an astonishing extra $200 million a year in ad revenue. Your business may not have the resources for such fine tuning, but changing your CTA from laid-back lilac to vibrant red, for example, might provide just the boost it needs.

5. Ensure it is finger friendly

With more and more people browsing, reading and buying on their smartphones and tablets, your CTAs need to be just as easy to tap with a finger as they are to click with a mouse.

On mobile versions of your site, make sure CTAs are big, bright and feature as little text as possible. It’s also much better to only use hard CTAs, as the majority of mobile buyers are looking for a fast purchase, rather than more information about a product.

Revamp your CTAs with the help of these top tips and see how many more clicks you get.