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Written on 06 May, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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When your email newsletter is one of hundreds of pieces of communication within your clients’ inbox, getting them to engage in what you have to say can sometimes prove a challenging task.

Email marketing is a trend that a growing number of small businesses are adopting in order to attract new customers and interact with existing ones. Email marketing is a great tool for developing a brand personality and building up a relationship with customers in order to develop the trust they need to make a purchase.

Email enables you to talk to over 50,000 leads with unprecedented ease – and economy. Make sure you make the most of your campaigns and avoid the common mistakes that many business owners make. Here are our top ten tips to think about when sending out email communications to your customers.

  1. Get the most out of your template – Templates are incredibly useful, often they can be sourced for free, or will be provided with a hosting package. Whatever the case it should be customised to suit your audience and raked over with a fine tooth comb to get the most from it.
  2. Find the perfect time to send – Make sure you maximise the chances of your correspondence being double clicked on. Think about your audience and when they are most likely to be engaged in opening your communication. Typically an office worker will receive influxes of inbox messages in the morning, therefore adding to this load may not carry much value.
  3. Don’t SPAM – Resist temptation to SPAM and only send your email newsletter as often as your audience expects it.
  4. Know your audience – Like all marketing practices, ensure your email communications are all targeted at the person whom you are pitching to.
  5. Personalise – Personalise your emails so that your reader feels acknowledged.  According to studies, by personalising you increase the likelihood of your email being opened by about 60%.
  6. Subject Line – Don’t spend hours making beautiful emails and then neglect the subject line. A compelling subject line can be the difference between your email being opened or ending up in the trash folder.
  7. Clarify your call to action – Make sure you tell your customers what it is you want them to do with your email. Be very clear about what it is you are offering and how you want them to contact you.
  8. Segment your address list – There is great value in splitting up your email address list of customers. This way you can segment individuals into groups and tailor a slightly different message to each group. Groups may be based on location, age or interests.
  9. Relevant, targeted content – Think about your customer and remember content is king. Make it easy for them to respond and easy for them to unsubscribe.
  10. Measure – Measure your email marketing campaigns and analysis the data. This can enable you to target future emails based upon your results. Some of the key areas to measure are, click-through, open rates and the number of people whom unsubscribe.

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