Get appy: App-building tools for your business

Written on 21 October, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted
Categories: Social Media | Tags: social media

Could your business benefit from a mobile app? Do you have a brilliant idea but aren’t sure you have the creative muscle to make it? App-building tools are popping up online, making it easy for you to design and make your own app with no technical expertise required.

Here are a few handy tools to get you started.

App Press

Geared towards designers and people who like to work visually, App Press is perfect if you’re looking for a builder that doesn’t require any knowledge of coding. It targets iPhones, iPads and Android devices and has a user interface that is similar to Photoshop and allows you to create assets by building up layers.

Its simple yet powerful collection of tools lets you design freely, and the team will even help deploy your app if you’ve never done it before. App Press offers a range of different plans to suit businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Roadie

This is one of the most popular business self-service app builders available and is already being used by big names such as Random House, Universal and the NFL. When you see the quality of the professional features on offer, you’ll understand why it’s so popular.

Mobile Roadie boasts an easy way to include advanced features such as geotagging, in-app activity points and rewards, and fan walls with chat options. It also offers some excellent social media connections and features a strong analytics feature, allowing you to chart your app’s success accurately. You can even test it with a free trial.

Bizness Apps

Geared directly towards creating smooth, business-friendly apps, Bizness Apps includes a lot of very useful features, including shopping carts, loyalty programmes, food ordering and third party integrations.

It has a very straightforward content management system, allowing you to add dynamic content quickly and easily – even once the app has been launched. You can also make use of real-time previews to ensure your app looks the way to want it to as you build. And once you’re done, its comprehensive analytics will help you keep tabs on its popularity.

The really nice thing about this app builder is the fact that it runs entirely in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to install or download anything to get started. It has a simplistic drag-and-drop interface and is perfect for people who have no experience at all. That said, it also includes some advanced features that developers will love sinking their teeth into.

Collaboration is simple, so you can share it between several teams, and the Appery plug-in catalogue allows you to add extra functionality or create your own private plug-ins. Even better, your first project is free!

Use these comprehensive online app builders and discover great new ways to engage with your customers and give them another reason to turn to your business first.