Free social media analytical tools you should be using

Written on 31 March, 2015 by Verity Meagher
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Freely available and offering valuable insight into consumer and client behaviour, the analytics gleaned from your social media platforms are invaluable. But are you one of the many businesses struggling to make sense of an overabundance of analytical information? It may be time to switch to a more convenient way to crunch your social numbers.

Almost every social network offers its own analytical tools, but extracting and compiling the data over a variety of platforms can be a time-consuming job. Cut man-hours and get a better overview of your reach with a free social media analytical tool that will let you measure how audiences are interacting with your brand over a range of platforms.

1. HowSociable

Set up a free HowSociable account and dive into lots of interesting information about the impact your brand is having on platforms like Twitter, Google+, YouTube andFoursquare. It measures success in ‘magnitude’ and each platform has its own separate rating, allowing you to assess the level of activity around your brand on any given week.

You can set up a free account for access to 12 platform metrics or sign up for a Pro account for coverage including the 36 most popular social sites. HowSociable can also be used to compare your brand against competitors of a similar size and style, giving you an accurate benchmark as well as offering insight into the patterns and trends that could influence your brand strategy.

2. SumAll

Offering an easy way to manage a large number of platforms, SumAll is a handy command centre for all your social analytics. There are free and premium versions available, and if you invest in the full package you’ll be able to extract insights from 52 different services.

It has a nice email feature that will give you daily and weekly key summary reports about your most recent metrics – ideal for keeping an eye on changes without having to log in and scan details for yourself. SumAll also provides context for your stats and all your retweets, page views and likes are visualised, making it easy to really get to grips with your reach and identify any spikes in engagement.

3. Social Mention

If you want a way to quickly track the impact of a particular press release or marketing campaign, Social Mention could be just the tool you’re looking for. It offers real-time social media search and analysis that provides a breakdown based on reach, passion and strength.

Highlighting top keywords associated with your brand and offering a guide to sentiment, it can give you a snapshot of the kind of feelings generated by your online presence. It also allows you to identify top users – ideal if you’re looking for potential affiliates or, conversely, to find out where negative sentiments are coming from.

Don’t let useful, actionable information escape you. Invest in a free social media analytical tool and keep track of your stats from one handy hub.

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