5 steps to online marketing success

Written on 23 February, 2012 by Clancy Clarke
Categories: Search Engine Optimisation | Tags: online marketing, search engine optimisation, seo

Just like a real-time business, the success of your online business is going to be dependent upon good marketing. Whilst having a web presence is your first step, you could have the best website online and find it ineffective without high quality traffic. Here are five steps for creating effective marketing.

  1. Develop a plan

    Your online business is no different to any other business. Know what your product or service is and where the need for what you are providing exists. Research your competitors and develop a point of difference. Remember that the Google Algorithm is linked geographically so become the trusted authority in your line of business within your local area. Set some sales targets.

  2. Know your target market

    A massive amount of traffic to your site will not help you if there is no conversion to sales. What problem are you solving? Do your potential customers know about you? Do you know who your market is and where to find them? Have you created effective keyword associations and back links?

  3. Become the authority in your field

    People buy from someone they trust so build your online reputation through advertising, blogging and offering professional, caring service. Create high quality, content rich articles to build respect and continued interest.

  4. Pay attention to branding

    Make sure your real time branding and online branding are aligned. Be clear about the message you are offering. Does your branding make you easily recognisable as an expert in your field of expertise or line of products?

  5. Outsource

    If you have the money and are short on time or expertise, do not underestimate the power of professional online marketers. Your time may be better spent working on your business and leaving the marketing of your online business to professionals.

These five simple marketing steps will see you well on your way to success in 2012. Online marketing comes down to having a clear service or product; creating a plan then taking measurable action to achieve your marketing success.

Remember that successful online marketing calls as much for the characteristics of determination and commitment as it does skills so if your time is taken up in other areas of your business consider hiring a professional marketer. For the trusted authority in online marketing, visit WebCentral today and consult them about how to best market your products and services online.