Engage your audience with excellent infographics

Written on 12 December, 2014 by Verity Meagher
Categories: Marketing, Small Business, Web Design & Content | Tags: content, marketing, online marketing, web design

Infographics are big business – and with good reason. A single infographic on your website can deliver a huge amount of information in a fun format, and it’s an excellent asset for sharing via social media.

Humans are very visual, so by crunching information into an attractive infographic you’re giving people an opportunity to explore a topic in a highly engaging way. What’s more, Smart Insights communicated (via an infographic) that, on average, traffic to a website increases by up to 12 per cent when uploading an infographic.

Online infographic tools

You don’t necessarily need to hire a designer to help you create the perfect infographic. There are a number of online tools to help you do it for yourself.


This free service allows you to create professionally designed infographics and visualisations in a matter of minutes – even if you have no design or programming experience. All you need is an idea for your image and some facts and information to include. It has a built-in spreadsheet so that you can edit your data easily or you can simply choose to import your own existing XLS, XLSX and CSV file.

This is a really handy tool for small businesses and provides you with an easy-to-upload image you’ll love sharing. If your infographic contains sensitive data, you can even protect it with a password or private link.


A simple but mighty design app, Piktochart puts the power of infographics in your hands. This free app focuses on helping non-designers create arresting and interesting images out of their subject material. Piktochart also generates infographics that are fully readable by search engines and also have a lot of clickable and interactive elements for users – making them particularly good for driving both traffic and engagement.

Choose from a wide range of templates and enjoy the freedom to edit anything, anywhere on your image. Sharing or embedding your infographic is easy and Piktochart also has SlideShare and Evernote integrations.


Canva is an online design tool that can help you create everything from flyers to presentations or Facebook covers, but it also happens to have some great offerings when it comes to infographics. Many elements of Canva are free to use, but some images and graphics incur a charge of $1. You can get around this by uploading your own unique images.

It has some brilliant features to help you design attractive infographics, such as intuitive resizing, simple recolouring and a vast selection of icons, arrows and charts to help you build your image.

With no experience needed, why not test some of the infographic tools available and see if you can create a valuable asset for your site?