Cloud hosting - it’s not just a buzz word

Written on 19 August, 2011 by Karen Lim-Sam
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What is Cloud Hosting exactly? Find out how cloud hosting can benefit your business in comparison to traditional hosting methods. Cloud hosting and computing has been a term which has entered common internet parlance since late 2008, but aside from use as a buzzword, do you know exactly what it is, and what advantages it can offer your business?

At it’s most simple, cloud hosting is where hosting of a website or application software is managed across multiple online servers. Rather than a single server or local machine, the task of hosting or processing is governed by multiple distributed machines, all set up to act as if they were one single entity. If you picture this in your mind, the layout of cloud computer resembles, predictably enough, a cloud.

Cloud hosting is become ubiquitous in today’s Internet; many mail services, such as Gmail, photo hosting and sharing sites, such as Picasa, and online storage facilities, such as Dropbox, are all examples of cloud computing. And the hosting services offered by Netregistry are all cloud hosting examples. While cloud hosting has entered popular online nomenclature only in the last few years, since 2008, the infrastructure has existed for much longer Netregistry has been offering cloud hosting services since the last 90s.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting? Well first off, there is reliability. With no single point of failure, websites and services hosted on cloud computing environments are more stable, with demands shared amongst multiple machines. A single event or accident is incredibly unlikely to affect processes running off a cloud hosting service. Scalability is also a huge benefit; again, without the reliance on a single static server or computer, increasing or decreasing requirements becomes exponentially easier. Not to mention being able to avoid downtime whilst doing so. Another advantage is remote access – with services and data hosted online, you can access you information and applications from wherever you have an internet connection. Think of the convenience of being able to do such things as checking your email or retrieving your files or managing your website from wherever you may find yourself. Compared directly with traditional hosting, cloud hosting offers many distinct advantages, such as greatly reduced latency and downtime, and much better scalability when faced with high traffic.

Cloud hosting does have potential disadvantages, with a primary concern being security. Especially in this day and age where online security is more important than ever. With servers and services distributed non-locally, it becomes harder to guarantee that both the hardware and software of cloud hosting services are secure; which emphasises the importance of ensuring that any cloud hosting or computing is implemented and managed by secure, reliable provider. Netregistry has been operating cloud hosting environments for over a decade now, and is experienced in maintaining hosting security and reliability. As with all online services, choosing a hosting provider needs to be done carefully to ensure robust and secure services.

All website and email hosting solutions offered by Netregistry utilise cloud hosting, housed at our Global Switch data centre. To find out more, contact the Hosting experts on 1300 638 734, or read more at;

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