Capitalising on the holiday season

Written on 20 December, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
Categories: Email Marketing, Social Media | Tags: customer behaviour

The Christmas and New Year season may be synonymous with festive cheer, but it can also equal big gains when it comes to new business. Christmas and New Year traditionally sparks consumer frenzy as shoppers step up their spending in preparation for the season ahead. For online businesses, the holiday months present the perfect opportunity to ramp up online marketing and increase wallet share.

Here are a few pointers for optimising marketing in time for holiday season.

Incorporate holiday keywords into your campaign

It’s important to add holiday keywords to your campaign to capitalise on search queries during this period. When you survey your keyword lists, consider including terms such as “Holiday”, “Christmas”, “New Year”, “presents” and “gift ideas” – this will direct relevant traffic to your website and work as a catalyst for conversions.

Prepare for traffic spikes

Preparing for a surge of festive season traffic is a smart way to capitalise on inbound sales while ensuring that your website won’t crash. Ask your web provider to ramp up your server capacity or storage space during this period. A small investment in web performance can pay big dividends for your business.

Integrate your marketing campaigns

Taking an integrated approach to your Christmas or holiday marketing campaign will strengthen your brand presence and ensure that you’re gaining optimal value for your efforts. Make sure your social media marketing is focused on the same goals as your organic search and paid search campaigns to build your credibility and drive sales.

Create a holiday-themed landing page

At Christmas and New Year, customers are often scouring the web for gift ideas. That’s why it pays to develop a Christmas/New Year landing page that showcases services or products that could work well as gifts. If you have the resources, develop a landing page for each of your top three promotions. Ushering your customers straight to the source is a sure-fire way to encourage conversions and increase sales.

Offer free shipping

Promotions such as free shipping can help you make the most of Christmas and New Year traffic and multiply your existing customer base. Promote this through social media channels and across your website for maximum effect.

Santa season can be stressful at times, but smart business owners should view it as an opportunity to boost revenue and drive growth.

How are you accelerating your marketing efforts this Christmas?

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