Can I have a Facebook page instead of a website?

Written on 15 August, 2016 by Karen Lam
Categories: Small Business, Social Media

With more than 1.6 billion active users and over 65% of the entire Australian population on Facebook, do you really need to spend time running and managing a website? Wouldn’t it be easier just to use Facebook instead?


This is a question asked by many new and established business owners in Australia, and it’s one of the easiest questions to answer.

No, you should not have a Facebook page instead of a website, and here’s why.

1. You don’t own your Facebook page

Did you know that the social media profiles you create for your business are not actually yours?

At any moment in time, Facebook can suspend or delete your page without prior warning. The only thing you own is the content and images uploaded to your page, not the page itself.

What’s to stop Facebook from deleting your account and all your fans if you break a rule? Or to start charging a monthly fee to use their service? Facebook made major changes in January 2015 which saw businesses lose up to 90% of organic reach without warning.

A website gives you complete control as you’re in control of what happens.

2. Limiting your business’s potential

Having a Facebook page instead of a website is like sitting at a poker table with only a single card.

You’ll be unable to leverage search engine marketing like Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other PPC avenues as you won’t be able to direct traffic to product or sales pages due to not having a website.

You’ll actually be making it much easier for your competitors to dominate the market and outgrow you by not having a website.

3. Your business may not be suited for Facebook

Facebook is a highly profitable platform, but it’s not for everyone.

For example, if someone is looking to buy a 4-bedroom home in Sydney, they are several times more likely to use a search engine than scroll down their Facebook feed looking for homes. The same applies for consumers looking for a lawyer or dentist - they will turn to search engines, not social media.

For these businesses SEM and PPC ads would be better suited than Facebook.

4. People value privacy

Without a website, prospects and customers will be forced to contact your business through Facebook revealing their personal information and photos. Some will want to keep their private life secret and not message or like your page because it will show on their personal profile.

This can reduce the amount of leads your business generates through solely having a Facebook page instead of a website.

Facebook + website = successful business

Instead of thinking about using one or the other, supplement Facebook with a business website to get the best of both worlds. Facebook is a great medium to generate awareness and leads when combined with a website.

How many brands do you know that have a Facebook page but not a website? Not many? That’s because they all understand the power of SEO, PPC, SEM and social media.

You can’t sell products, services or take payments effectively on Facebook compared to a website. A Facebook page is great, but without a business website it’s not all that useful.