Are you making the most of your PPC advertising?

Written on 20 April, 2012 by Verity Meagher
Categories: Pay Per Click | Tags: analytics, pay per click, ppc

Your main objective of Pay Per Click (PPC) is to get traffic to respond to your specific call to action. You may want them to buy a product or service, subscribe to your business newsletter or click on an ad. It all sounds easy. But if you’re new to PPC, there are a few elements of the advertising medium you need to understand in order to maximise the results of your PPC ad campaign. Here’s how:

The right ad style

Your PPC ad style needs to be attractive and marketable enough to grab someone’s attention. Your best shot is to write a succinct two-line message and publish an accompanying link. Be aware that you are targeting a certain demographic of customers, so write your copy in a style that appeals to them.

Keywords count

It is essential to incorporate your businesses’ keywords into your PPC ad. This ensures that your products and services align with the words and phrases people use to search for them. Keywords also important as the popularity of certain phrases will affect the price of your PPC ad campaign.

Use analytical tools

Take the time to fine-tune your PPC ad campaign. Make use of analytical tools such as Google AdWords. These resources can dramatically ease your learning curve and save time by analysing results and refining any ad elements that could benefit from improvements. You want to maximise your return on investment through PPC, so it makes sense to use analytical tools. They provide a snapshot of your keywords, campaigns, costs, rates, costs per conversion, costs per click and more. You can even compare past results with current efforts to see what works and what doesn’t. You will be surprised at how much traffic and sales you can generate just by tweaking a great ad campaign or fixing problems in unsuccessful PPC ads. If all you are still unable to get the results you desire, nor have the time to dedicate, hire a professional like WebCentral. To find out how WebCentral PPC experts can help you squeeze the most out of your budget call 1800 800 099.