Amplification: How to attract people to your website

Written on 23 September, 2014 by Verity Meagher
Categories: Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Small Business | Tags: marketing

It’s one thing to spend time crafting great content for your website, but getting people to read it is quite another. Amplification is the art of making sure your message gets out there on a variety of owned, paid and earned media channels.

Good-quality content is essential for the wellbeing of your site. Not only can it boost your SEO rankings, it’s also the best way to persuade potential customers to part with their money. However, in a crowded marketplace where competitors are all trying to shout the loudest, simply having good content isn’t enough – you need to learn how to share it well.

Boosting your content

A content amplification strategy can allow you to connect with an audience you would’ve never found without reaching out to them. The best way to do this is to ensure you fully leverage all your available outlets.

These include your own media assets – such as your company’s YouTube or Facebook page – to paid spots on third-party channels or earned promotions from customers who will share your information on their own channels. Each of these channels can provide an invaluable opportunity to connect, so long as you create a strategy that allows you to incorporate each one successfully.

Choosing your content

One of the best ways to leverage your amplification strategy is to create content that will pique people’s interest. Can you conduct some research in your market area and share the results? Have you spotted an unusual new trend? Do you have expert information you’re willing to share? Both individuals and media organisations are far more likely to pick up and share your content if there’s an interesting angle.

Before you start sharing your content on third-party channels and encouraging people to share for you, make sure your content has a clear byline and links back to your site. The last thing you want is for your content to become popular but for no one to realise where it came from.

Getting started

One of the easiest ways to start amplifying your content is by using the channels and information already available to you. For example, when you share your latest great pieces of content on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms, look to see which posts are most popular. Pick the ones that have encouraged the most attention and then use features such as Facebook Promoted Page Posts and Twitter Amplify to reach an even wider audience. That way, you know you’re investing in content that people want to read.

You can also consider paying for space on social channels and sites that you don’t normally engage on. Advertising on platforms like Reddit and StumbleUpon can be useful if you have some quirky, eye-catching content to share.

Amplify your content and see if you can boost traffic – and sales – by getting your brand message out there.