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Written on 05 October, 2018 by Iona Yeung

How to run your business on the go and improve your cash flow Guest post from Intuit Quickbooks Most business owners say their mobile phone, not their desktop computer, is their most important business tool. Yet despite the new technology we have to manage our business, cash flow problems remain the number one reason 50% of new businesses fail in the first five... Read more
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Written on 01 May, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam

Is adopting accounting software worth the time? You will often hear your Accountant, or more likely your bookkeeper, speak about a "Chart of Accounts" or "General Ledger" which stores all of your business transactions in much the same way that the cupboards, shelves and draws in your kitchen are used to store the pots, pans and ingredients... Read more
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Written on 15 March, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam

Mind your own bees wax There is a common misconception in business that doing something manually without external help is more cost effective than getting someone else to do it for you. There are many distractions facing business owners today and unless they focus on the areas that bring in the greatest return they are... Read more
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Written on 31 May, 2012 by Ivy Bartolome

Design invoices that get paid Most business owners wish for a perfect world where they get paid as soon as they have finished a job. But, as they learn quickly - the reality is far from perfect. Invoices do not get paid easily and timely. Tracking unpaid invoices and chasing overdue payments are a business... Read more
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Written on 01 June, 2006 by Joe Kaleb

Year end tax planning strategies for small businesses Year end tax planning for small business owners is essentially the use of legitimate strategies to accelerate deductions and to defer the recognition of income. Where the business owner has chosen to adopt the “Simplified Tax System” (STS), there are a different set of rules applying to some of these... Read more
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Written on 01 June, 2006 by Netregistry

Accounting automatons Remember how the rise of the PC was going to free us from mundane tasks, opening up great swathes of time for more interesting activities? Accounting software is one area where that promise came true. Helen Bradley considers the options. It’s not a glamour application but accounting software is, nevertheless,... Read more
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