A change in online marketing: Behavioural marketing

Written on 02 March, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
Categories: Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation | Tags: customer behaviour, online marketing, search engine optimisation, seo

The online world is a fast paced ever-changing environment. A recent trend proving to be an essential change for online marketing is the advent of re-targeting. Re-targeting refers to the move away from simply using Google display ads and implementing advertising campaigns based upon website visitor behaviour. You may have noticed this in the form of advertisements following you around as you search for different items. This is because the advertisers know exactly where people like you spend their time online and have strategically placed their advertisements on those sites. This is known as behavioural targeting.

Behavioural targeting aims advertising at the desires of the site visitors rather than relating advertising to the content of the site. If for example, you visit a car sales website and then visit a completely different site altogether you may find that car adverts appear across the site, even though they’re not related to the new site at all.

If you are trying to sell a product or service online, it is important to think about how you might advertise. Placing Google ads on sites that may offer similar products to yours is not enough nor is placing ads on your site for other businesses. Statistics tell us that as much as 98% of people visiting your site will leave without purchasing.

Re-targeting ensures that your ads follow your visitors when they leave your site. If your branding is in place, you can bring back potential customers to your site. This provides the potential for conversion to sales, which results in increased return on your marketing and advertising investment.

In case you’re concerned that in order to achieve this you are going to have to get a degree in marketing, relax. There are re-targeting networks online who can help you with all your online advertising. Re-targeting empowers you as an advertiser because it tracks the visitors to your site, finds out which products they are showing an interest in and then can target visitors from your area. Imagine being able to target local customers and advise them of your next big sale or promotion. This is the power of re-targeting.

It seems the only constant in the online world is change. Make sure you are keeping up with the changes to online marketing and using the best marketing strategies. Contact WebCentral today for some of the best online marketing advice, call us on 1800 800 099.