7 reasons to get more than one domain name

Written on 03 June, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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Many business owners make the mistake of purchasing a single domain name. Over time this can proof costly for a number of reasons. Instead business owners should obtain a variety of domain names for their company.

So what are the key benefits for registering more than one domain name?

  1. Expansion: Should your company go global and branch into international markets then it is important to have country specific domains. It is a well known fact that .com domains rank lower than country specific domains such as .com.au or.co.uk when searching from that country.
  2. Misspellings: It is important that users can find your site. Allowing for mis-spellings of the name will mean you can direct users who misspell your business name to the right destination instead of sending visitors to an error page.
  3. Competition: Acquiring more than one domain name for your business will mean avoiding pesky competition from registering a similar domain name and restricting your marketing reach.
  4. Offers: Registering variants can enable you to market and promote different products and services and even run successful competitions with an offer specific URL.
  5. Search: A website which has many of domain names attached to it is a lot easier to find. Customers much prefer having more than one way of finding you when searching the internet.
  6. Brand: Protect your brand and online identity is essential for any online business. Securing a variety of names will inevitably boost your brand presence and prevent other companies hijacking your company’s essence.
  7. Traffic: Purchasing keyword rich domains will play a valuable part in your search engine optimistation (SEO) plan and will no doubt increase traffic and search engine discoverability.

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