5 B2B brands nailing it on Instagram

Written on 16 November, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
Categories: Social Media | Tags: content, instagram, marketing, online marketing, social media

Offering an excellent way to showcase products and initiatives, Instagram is a social media platform with plenty of potential. However, it can be a notoriously difficult one for many B2B companies to handle.

Discover the secrets of five B2B brands that have mastered Instagram and see how you can engage your target audience with the perfect pictures.

1. MailChimp

Email marketing company MailChimp uses Instagram as a way to showcase the company’s values, and it does so in a very quirky, whimsical way. However, don’t be tricked into thinking that its frequent jokes are only that – each also holds subtle marketing images and messages.

From newspaper headlines proclaiming that email isn’t dead to a cute knitted version of their chimp mascot, every picture has been chosen to celebrate its strong corporate culture and to promote email marketing as an essential tool for any business.

2. Microsoft

Despite being relatively new to the Instagram stage (the account only launched in November 2014), the computing giant has made a big splash. This is largely due to a very well-crafted and concise campaign.

Rather than use Instagram to post all kinds of different content, Microsoft commissioned a photographer to travel the world and source excellent images of different people using the company’s products to achieve their goals. The result is an inspirational and carefully curated Instagram feed that’s touched a chord with businesses around the world.

3. FedEx

Not only does FedEx do an excellent job of attracting followers, it’s also one of the brands with the highest interaction rates, according to analysis from Quintly. The company is so successful because it puts the focus firmly on the company’s key message: that it will deliver packages wherever they need to go.

There are lots of great images of unusual locations, often featuring branded trucks and planes, as well as just a touch of humour.

4. Hootsuite

Like MailChimp, Hootsuite has put the focus firmly on corporate culture, and its Instagram feed is full of endearing images and gentle jokes. It turns the spotlight on its employees, giving them the chance to show off their own individual personalities and often showcases corporate days out and team achievements.

Hootsuite also makes great use of branded hashtags, such as #HootsuiteLife, to allow users to filter images by subject and find the kind of content they’re looking for.

5. Adobe

From the developers of Photoshop, it should come as no surprise that Adobe’s team is adept at taking and highlighting great photographs. The company also garnered early success on Instagram by creating a fun scavenger hunt to tie in with a new product launch in 2013.

The account also excels at including good, concise calls to action and Adobe works hard to integrate all its social media platforms – with new content for each but a brand message that is clear throughout.

Look at what makes your company unique and see if there’s a way you can showcase your staff, products and core values through photography with a new selection of happy followers.