Partner Control

All WebCentral Partners are provided with Partner Control - your own secure, online interface for managing both your own Partner account and your customer accounts. Partner Control gives you total control over your customer accounts by enabling you to:

  • Set up your own online 'join' form for signing a customer up to WebCentral
  • Access customer-by-customer billing information
  • Set up and customise online tools for your customers
  • Modify the look, feel and branding of your customers' Mission Control panels
  • Create and submit technical support requests on behalf of your customers

Mission Control

Mission Control is the online management tool for configuring each of your customer's web site and email services. To learn more about Mission Control, please click here.

Billing Methods Available for all Web Hosting Resellers

Depending on the level of 'transparency' you wish to have between WebCentral, your business and your customers, we have a number of different billing methods available for our Partners:

  • Consolidated Billing (Default)
  • Rebate Billing

Please click here to view more information about each of these billing options, or contact our Partner Coordinator on 1800 662 226 during business hours.

Hands-On Learning Events

The WebCentral team regularly conducts 'Hands-On Learning' presentations for Partners to help them learn more about our products and services in a computer lab-style environment.

These events give Partners the opportunity to receive hands-on experience using and enabling the products being demonstrated, so that they may better promote these products through their own business and service their customers' needs. As a general 'rule of thumb', these events are run on a monthly rotational basis in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (ie. visiting each city every three months), and every six months in Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. The sessions are free and generally run for approximately two to three hours.

Annual Roadshow

The WebCentral team also holds an Annual Roadshow, travelling to most capital cities throughout Australia. This event gives Partners the opportunity to get together with WebCentral staff and other Partners to exchange ideas, provide feedback and network in an informal setting. Each Roadshow typically consists of presentations on a wide range of topics that help keep Partners up to date with the latest developments in the industry, and the new products that WebCentral has recently launched and those initiatives that are in the pipeline.

Access to WebCentral Marketing Materials

Access to WebCentral product brochures and Partner logos is also available upon request should you wish to associate your company with WebCentral, and show your customers that their web hosting services are powered by the largest and one of the most experienced web hosting companies in Australia.

Partner Telephone Support

WebCentral Partners receive their very own 'Priority' FREEcall 1800 phone number - 1800 662 226 - to access:

  • Technical Support (24x7)
  • Sales Support (8:00am to 5:30pm AEST weekdays - excluding Australian bank holidays)
  • Accounts/Billing Support (8:00am to 5:30pm AEST weekdays - excluding Australian bank holidays).